Do you get insecure when you see all the women on TV, in movies and on the covers of magazines who have eerily perfect bodies and seem to be created entirely in Photoshop? If you're an escort and wondering how to be successful when you're intimidated by these ideal women, I have some advice for you.

The truth is, we all feel a little insecure when we see those perfect images.

Do you worry that your own imperfections make you unattractive or less than desirable as a result of all the flawlessness of Los Angeles?

You're not alone there either.

But here is the good news. Go pull up a photo of a famous supermodel you think is absolutely gorgeous. Seriously, go ahead and do it. Stare at it long and hard and really take a few moments to absorb all the details.

Guess what? There are men out there who see something every bit as perfect when they find your photos online.

Am I crazy? No. Am I right? Absolutely.

Believe it or not, there is a group of men scattered about the planet who are looking for you - just the way you are now. No plastic surgery required. No changes to your body necessary.

This is awesome for anyone who is thinking of working as an escort or anyone who is already in the business. This means that you simply need to discover your niche in order to start using it to your advantage.

As you may already know, there are several industry terms used to describe an escort's body type. Spinners are generally slim or petite ladies, while BBW stands for Big Beautiful Women, suggesting a more full-figured shape.

Both are sought out and can be equally as profitable. Just be aware of your strengths and weaknesses and you will do fine as an escort.

Your services are also important when it comes to finding your niche. If you provide more of a PSE (pornstar experience) then be sure to always mention this in your ads and when you're marketing your services.

On the other hand, if you provide more of a GFE (girlfriend experience) then you probably want to go more for a girl next door type of image, as this will appeal more to your target audience.

Pay attention to what your clients praise you for and then hone in on those skills and present them as your specialities. You may be surprised at what you discover and how well they enhance your marketing once you do.