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BBW Escorts

One growing trend in the escort industry is the demand for BBW, or big beautiful women. This category has exploded in popularity over the last few decades and next to a specific ethnicity, BBW escorts are the next most popular request among escorts’ clients.

Thankfully, the number of BBW escorts has grown dramatically to satisfy the demand. Twenty years ago, finding a BBW escort would have been incredibly difficult outside the biggest cities in the United States. Today, you can find a number of BBW escorts in almost any big city and even most medium sized cities.

Hiring a BBW Escort

There are two main methods to hiring a BBW escort:

Through an agency: The main way to hire a BBW escort is by going through an escort agency in the city you’re living in or where you are traveling. Most agencies have a large selection of escorts but this depends entirely on the location.

Agencies generally provide a general description of potential matches for you and in most cases will have a few photos online as well as a slight description of the escort. You can browse through and chose the BBW escort that best suits your personality and needs.

Independently (Online): If you want to go a different route and want to avoid agency escorts, you’ll have to look online for a BBW escort. The good news is finding a BBW escort is incredibly easy and you can search for BBW escorts in many places.

There are several classified websites (like Craigslist) that list independent escorts but you might find it difficult to sort through them. Another method to find independent escorts is by searching websites that allow escorts to list themselves (like here at Slixa). Generally speaking, you’ll find it much easier to find a BBW escort because these websites are much more organized and will have a BBW category for you to browse.

Services Offered by BBW Escorts

BBW services offer their clients many services, which include the following services:

Body Rub/Sensual Massage: You might find this service used in either way but next to escorting, a massage is the next most common service offered by BBW escorts. Everybody already knows how relaxing and pleasurable a body rub is so many clients prefer to start the night off with a sensual massage to feel comfortable and relaxed for the remaining time spent with their escort.

Stripping: Some BBW escorts also offer stripping services for private events like bachelor parties or guys’ night out. Every man enjoys adult entertainment and if you get a group of guys together, its a must. Many BBW escorts offer this type of service, although you’ll most likely have to hire an independent escort as opposed to an agency escort.

Fetish/Kinky: Perhaps you have a specific fetish that only a BBW escort can fulfill. Thankfully, many BBW escorts will be willing to help you fulfill whatever your fetish is. In most cases you have to let the escort know ahead of time what your fetish is just to make sure she is comfortable and willing to perform the fetish.

Escorting: Obviously the most common service offered by a BBW escorts is escorting itself. If you hire a BBW escort you can drink, dine, or do whatever you desire. Your escort will do everything in her power to make sure you have the best possible night out and have a great experience with her.

Best Cities for BBW Escorts

You can find a BBW escort in almost any city but there are some cities that can provide you with a better chance of finding the perfect BBW escort. Here are some of the best cities for BBW escorts:

Dallas: They say everything is bigger in Texas and perhaps that’s true. Dallas is one of the best locations in the United States for BBW escorts. Maybe it’s the hearty Texas cooking or maybe it’s just random but either way Dallas is an excellent spot in the United States for BBW escorts.

New York City: New York City is packed with every type of escort, including BBW escorts. Due to the large number of agencies in the city, you can hire a BBW escort in any part of the city, regardless of where you live or are staying. Plus, New York City has an endless amount of bars, lounges, and restaurants, so you will never run out of places to meet or dine with your escort.

New Orleans: Surprisingly, New Orleans is one of the best cities in the US for BBW escorts. There’s no real reason why but New Orleans has many more BBW escorts than the average city in the United States. Like New York City, it’s nightlife scene is lively so that’s another advantage the city has.

Las Vegas: Las Vegas caters to every person’s desires, which is why the city has any escort you could possibly desire. No matter what type of escort you desire, Vegas has it.