Now that my first post on taking a perfect profile picture got you all out there doing amateur photo shoots with your friends, I wanted to give you even more tips to keep the momentum going. I got a little bit of feedback (via twitter) and decided to add five more suggestions to get your pictures looking better and better. (disclaimer: the photo above is not a representation of a 'good' profile picture, rather it's me taking your picture with a very old camera!)

1. Do some research
Have some ideas in mind before you get started. Look around online for images of other escorts or porn stars or on sites like tumblr or even pinterest for inspiration. This will help you with the photo composition and your poses as well as makeup and hairstyles. The more preparation you put in the better the pictures will be.

2. Use a white sheet or mirror to reflect the light or add depth to your image
This could be a bit complicated but if you have a large piece of furniture across from or next to your window you can improvise a reflective surface by hanging a white or light colored sheet on it. This will reflect the light from the window back on to you, the subject. A solid color sheet as the background on your bed will also be better than any pattern. Colors that contrast you skin tone will get the best results. Another trick, if you're using the mirror to take a photo turn the camera around and use the mirror to look at the view and keep the camera phone out of the shot.

3. Take lots of shots
With the beauty of digital cameras you don’t have to worry anymore about the cost of developing a bunch of bad images just to get one or two good ones. Even if you think you got a lot of great images already, you might as well try a few more from different angles to see if something else will work better. The one pose where you only get one or two shots in the camera might end up being the most promising.

4. Think about the little things and get them in the shot
Try to keep hands and feet in the shot rather than cutting them off. Hold them close to your body for best results and relax your wrists, point your toes, yes - even when wearing shoes. Try to get your whole body in the shot including the top of your head to the bottom of your feet or shoes. You can always crop the image down if necessary.

5. Don’t suck it in, stick ‘um out
This is some of my favorite advice from one of my favorite photographers, Perry Gallagher. Instead of thinking about sucking in your stomach, concentrate on having good posture and sticking out your chests and ass instead. Arch your back and hold your head high. This will have the dual result of a confident look and a tight frame.

Bonus: Easy selfie hack

Don't use the front-facing camera on your iPhone, turn the camera around, you can still use a mirror to get a good look at the screen as mentioned above. Even if you don't have a remote you can "plug in an earbud and the volume up button becomes a shutter release." via Nylon Magazine interview with instagramer @jayzombie

I'd love to hear your feedback, and find out if these posts have been helpful for you. Feel free to tweet to me @mistressoftheob to ask questions or show me the goods!