Spending a day looking out for your submissives’ wellbeing can make taking care of yourself feel like a chore. When I first started out as a Professional Dominant, after a long day in the dungeon I would find myself fantasizing about a Mommy Dom to come feed me and tuck me into bed. Since I can’t always make my fantasies come true I came up with a routine that helped me through the end of even my toughest workday so I could relax, recharge and set myself up to keep kicking butt the next day.

As an active woman, my after work meal is important to me since being tired is never helped by being hungry. When I know I have a busy day ahead of me I will often prepare a dinner for myself the day before, or slow cook throughout the day. Hydration is important too. Spending a session in latex can dehydrate you more than you realize when you’re nearly cooking in your catsuit while you have a submissive comfortable in the nude on an exam table. Having a pot or two of herbal tea can help you hydrate while you relax.

After dinner I wind myself down from work with stretching and a hot shower or a soak in the bathtub. The physical demands of BDSM play can do damage over time with repetitive motions, bending and lifting. Finding a yoga or stretching routine for bedtime can keep you from waking up a mess of knots and sore muscles. Spoil your inner sensualist, light your favorite incense or candle when you bathe, use your favorite sheets when you go to bed, get a massage or give yourself one. Take some time to check into the “vanilla world”. Chat with a friend, watch a movie or spend some time with a pet or lover, letting your mind take a break from workday kinks.

We all love praise for a job well done. I like to keep “Thank You” emails, cards and even handwritten notes from submissives that express their thanks and excitement so I can read them later when I want a reminder of how it feels to make someone’s day, especially after a demanding day in the dungeon.