Here are a few of the client requests that I seem to get most often.

  1. Specific types of clothing. This one is among the most popular requests from clients, in my experience. Most often I'm asked to wear things like latex, leather, garter belts, stockings, heels and those sorts of things. But surprisingly there are two sides to this request. For every time I've been asked to show up in some fetish gear, I've also had new clients specifically ask for me to show up wearing the most casual clothes possible, to avoid attracting any unwanted attention from neighbors as well. When it comes to making your clients happy, tell them you will do your best and see if you can't find something in your current wardrobe that comes close enough. Otherwise, tell them you don't have anything that is quite like what they want and offer to either buy something beforehand if they are willing to compensate you when you meet in person, or offer to go shop for something with them or let them pick something out beforehand and change into it once you get there.
  2. No drivers, please! This one is almost as common and is perhaps more of a concern than it is a request. Most clients have a strong preference to avoid seeing escorts that have drivers or anyone else who is waiting around for them nearby. If you don't drive yourself, ask if your client is able and willing to give you a ride. In my experience, they are usually more than happy to do this if they enjoy the time you spend together. If you must have someone drive you, explain your situation and ask if it would be okay to have your driver drop you off down the street, then walk the rest of the way to their house or other meeting place. This way the client doesn't feel like there is someone else who knows where they live and therefore the driver presents no threat or need for concern.

3. Wanna role play with me? While perhaps less common than the previous two requests, many clients have a long time fantasy that involves a very specific type of role play with someone else. These types of requests oftentimes do not surface immediatetly. They are usually withheld until you've reached a point where both of you have grown more comfortable with one another and have established a level of trust that is usually necessary to disclose personal things of this nature. So don't be surprsied if someone you think you know fairly well suddenly asks if you will engage in role play of some type with them, this will probably happen to you a few times during your escorting career at the very least. Just remember not to react in a negative way, assuming the role play is within the normal bounds of what is morally appropriate to you. If you're inexperienced with role play, just be honest with them and promise to give it your best shot. You have nothing to lose and you may even find that you enjoy playing certain roles once you give it a try!

Needless to say, these requests are only few of many you are likely to be asked by your clients. The best approach to take in almost all situations is to keep an open-mind, be willing to accommodate and only do what you are 100% comfortable with. If something isn't on your menu, just say so and don't worry about it. There are plenty of others out there to help someone act out heir fantasy and they will find the right person, even if it isn't you.