There’s nothing more frustrating than sitting around waiting for a telephone call. Especially when you’re wanting and needing work...and nothing is happening. One of the hardest things about being an adult entertainer is the hustle: Making work happen from nothing. There are a few things you can do to help you get your phone jingling whenever you want, and they may not be what you expected.

1. Get clear on who you want to attract and visualize them calling you.

Sometimes the phone is not ringing because you’re not “feeling” the people you’ve been drawing in lately. Take a moment to visualize your best client. Really feel what it would be like to see this person again for a session. I realize that what I’m suggesting here may sound a little ‘woo-woo’, but visualize him or her thinking about you at the precise time you’re thinking about them.

See them picking up their cell phone and dialing your number. See yourself looking at your phone and seeing his name and number show up on the caller id. Experience the excitement in your voice when you answer, and the happiness you feel when they book the session.

Even if you don’t totally believe in visualization I invite you to try it; it sure beats sitting around worrying.

2. Take new pictures (or rotate the ones you currently have)

In order to keep clients' interest piqued you must supply them with regular doses of eye candy. If your current ad isn’t pulling the response it once did, perhaps it’s time to update your images.

Do you have a library of images from a photoshoot that you haven’t shown the public? Start testing them on your ads.   I highly suggest using different images on at least two separate advertising websites. You should always be testing your ads with new photos to see which ones increase your response rate.

3. Rewrite your ads

Second to your photos, your ad copy is the single most important element of your advertising. I suggest writing your copy with your ideal client in mind, like the one you visualized earlier in step one.

As you pick the words for your ad, ask yourself the following question: "What does he or she need to hear to move them into action?" For example, have you received any recent certifications in a new modality like Bondassage, Elysium or Urban Tantra? Do you have a well-appointed dungeon or a discreet studio with a brand new steam shower? Share this info in your ad.

Want a sure fire way to find out why your clients chose your ad? Simple: Ask them!

If your ad is written to the ‘right’ client using descriptive, inviting, action-oriented language that will surely get your phone ringing. For more tips on writing creative copy, click here.

4. Get active on the message boards.  

Pop in and leave intelligent, funny, and insightful comments on existing posts.  Put up some new photos.  Start a poll by asking a suggestive question.

5. Check in with your regulars by email or text.

Obviously, you’ll only do this if you have clients that are comfortable with you reaching out to them. If you’re fortunate enough to have these type of relationships, do so. Sometimes all it takes is having one or two regulars you can call on when you need to shift the energy during a lull in activity. Of course, it goes without saying: be discreet.

6. Switch from outcall to incall or visa versa

Sometimes your regular or prospective clients can’t see you because you only accept outcalls, or perhaps they can’t arrange a private place to rendezvous. Explore alternative meeting places so you don’t have to turn prospective clients away. Or perhaps you only accept incalls and your current place isn’t convenient for them or available. If you have your own space, you can also always spruce it up; if you add new furniture, new toys, or make some major change, you can reach out to your clients and invite them to visit your new-and-improved spot! Either way, explore your options and have a backup plan (or two).

7. Change your schedule

If you only work weekends you might consider switching to weekdays for a period of time. If you work late hours, start working early hours or visa versa. Obviously, you have to make decisions based on what works best for lifestyle and other obligations, but when things are slow you have to shift what you’re doing to get the energy moving in a new direction.

8. Try doubles with another provider.

Do you have past clients that have inquired about doubles sessions? Perhaps it’s time to help them arrange something. Keep in mind that in the US, you want to have your client book the two of you separately to avoid legal issues.

9. Limit your availability to lower your overhead if you’re renting a space by the day.

Let’s face it - we all want to make more money, but sometimes it's just going to be slow. Period. It’s in times like these that you have to remember that sometimes it’s faster to adjust your expenses so you can keep more of the money you currently have.

For example: Do you really need to rent a space on a monthly basis? Perhaps it's better to find a space you rent daily or hourly.

10. Raise your rates.

It's a great idea to give your regulars advance notice that you’ll be raising your rates soon. You might consider grandfathering your existing clients in at your current rate.  They'll be grateful to be getting a "discount" and they'll rebook.

It’s a common saying in luxury sales that if no one is complaining about your prices, it means you aren’t charging enough. Make it a regular habit to periodically raise your rates until you get some push back.

One thing I must point out: Raising your rates isn’t about you being “greedy”.  It’s actually about increasing your value and giving you the financial resources to provide better work-related tools like sprucing up your environment, investing in your education, and taking better care of yourself so you can be more available and present for your new high-end clients.

11. Try a new town!

Do you love to travel? If so, touring can be loads of fun and quite profitable. Touring allows you to be the “new kid on the block," which should definitely get your phone ringing.

You’ll get to connect with a new group of clientele, and potentially expand your client book by extending invitations to those clients that you’d  like connect with when they visit your city or town.

Touring can also be a fantastic way to jump start your popularity on the boards because some people only like to meet with visiting providers. Touring helps at home, too: Local clients may find your limited availability alluring and want to book with you before you “go on the road”.

Curious about where to go? Ask around your circle and find out what markets are lacking your particular niche appeal. Find somewhere that appeals to you otherwise, and has a great sexy scene.

12. Try a “Visiting” ad in your own city.

Sure, you live year-round in New York, but you can get lost in the crowd of competing advertisers.  Splurge on a "Visiting" ad for a week or two and see a new influx of calls and emails.

13. Advertise on new sites.

If your ads aren’t pulling as they once did it may be time to cast a wider net and try testing your ads on new up and coming provider websites (like Slixa!).

In my experience, providers that consistently make the most money in the advertising game are constantly testing their ads, and you should too.

Bonus Tip: Save your money! It’s easy to lose control of your spending when cash is flowing freely. But just like the ocean, there are ebbs and flows to money.  When things are good, work hard, and save that cash. Having a savings can shoo away feelings of desperation and stress.