+Vivacious, Cerebral Bon Viveur: The Connoisseur’s Consummate Dream Gal

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The illustrated constellations etched forever in her flesh are a treasure map for you to follow, fingertips navigating her perfect curves, back arching, her softest skin quivering beneath your touch.

Hello Perfect Stranger,

Perhaps between here + there your attentions have been scattered + now you are in deep need of some time where the focus is entirely on your pleasure + happiness. Or are you an unabashed bon vivant searching for your equal, a partner as seasoned in hedonism as yourself? You are a man who has found success in life, no? I know you are acutely aware of what you want or are exploring yourself in order to find it + I would delight in being your guide on this journey. You are driven; maybe you don’t have time to cultivate a traditional relationship or your domestic life, while fulfilling many ways, is lacking in others + you seek a safe + perfect space to sate your desires; a place that will offer a respite from life’s stresses. Well darling, you’ve come to the right place, for I just want to make you break into an undeniable smile. Vivacious, whip smart + with the looks of a modern day Snow White, I have charm, confidence + sex appeal in spades, which pair perfectly with my delightful, wry, self deprecating sense of humor. Beyond delicious tumbles in the sheets, time with yours truly includes throaty belly laughs and the kind of passionate dialog that ignites a fire in your eyes. Could I be your dream girl?

In your fantasy, who’s your femme fatale? Is she both a classic beauty + something of a magical creature, unique + unparalleled? I want you to imagine the shape of my curves, the sweet small of my back…I provide an unusual aesthetic, while retaining classically beautiful features + perfect hourglass proportions. My alabaster flesh is heavily but tastefully tattooed + I have sensuous, feminine facial features. My skin is impossibly soft + creamy, contrasting my, long, lustrous raven hair + stormy grey eyes. I have an unusually lovely, naturally full decolettage with a tiny waist + a pert, round rump. My high, graceful arches feel at home in decadently high heels + I am always happy to do my best to accommodate requests for outfits, kinks or fetishes.

I am by nature a sensual, inquisitive + deeply passionate woman + will delight in sharing your interests. I spend a lot of time cultivating my brainier pursuits; I shant have a problem keeping up with you intellectually, nor will I ever embarass you, as I know how to comport myself in public. You will find I can transition seamlessly between michelin starred restaurants, black tie events, courtsides seats or simply curled around you on the couch, talking about recently enjoyed books, watching a little G of T, or giving you a massage before or after we enjoy some more intimate play. If you are a gourmand, but don’t feel like leaving the comfort of your home, with multi hour appointments you can request I cook you an impressive meal (especially if you like the idea of me in nothing but a sexy 50s apron + heels, holding a spatula).

What sets me apart is my true love for what I do. My passion, authenticity + deep belief in the importance of intimacy translates clearly into the experience we will hare. I take great pride in the path I have chosen + I take every opportunity to further hone my charms + skills. I am forever a student in the school of pleasure, finely mastering the art of seduction, lust, intimacy + desire. I am for the man who’s arousal is activated overhearing me in a gallery, discussing my favorite Enrique Chagoya codex or Joel Peter Witkin photo, captivated by my impish glance + unable to resist letting your gaze linger on the perfect curve of my assets. When I sit alone, enjoying a fantastic tasting menu and a glass of lambrusco, absolutely poured into that red dress, I am displaying myself for you. Our eyes lock, you catch the faintest notes of my perfume, amber, oud, tonka and leather… as deeply layered as I. You hear my whisper, low + sultry, every word I speak a secret just for you.


Cultural Anthopology, linguistics, excellent food, art of many kinds, cinema, sex, stimulating discussion, human sexuality, polyamory, ethnobotany, ethno-pharmacology, social justice, beautiful lingerie and books. Lots of books. Some of my favorite reading materials, if you are interested in what I am consuming, include Sex At Dawn, God’s Middle Finger (A journey into the lawless heart of the Sierra Madre), Spillover: The Next Human Pandemic, One River, The Serpent and The Rainbow, The Crying of Lot 49, American Nomads, The Ethical Slut, etc.

As far as gifts and treats go, they are never expected but I would be being disingenuous if I said a well picked something won’t make me squeal with delight and smother you with excited affections. Thoughtfulness goes a long way with me. As far as gifts go, your favorite book, gift certificates to Bi-Rite market, unusual flowers (peonies in particular), or lingerie in my size (or 36D, underwear and garter belts in size 4, from Agent Provocateur (especially the Soiree Collection) are always apreciated. There is a wishlist at the Agent P Union Square store under “Adahlia.” If you REALLY want to make me excited, garner squeaks of delight and reap the rewards of the gratitude and warm fuzziness I feel at recieving a gift that really gets to the heart of what I am and love, you could do one of three things. 1) You could purchase for me a work of art (for style reference I love Enrique Chagoya, Joel Peter-Witkin, Henry Leutwyler, Monica Canilao, Jason Vivona, Tony Fitzpatrick, Sarina Brewer etc.) or a piece of taxidermy (or the two combined)! 2) We could share some time together in which we enjoy social activities I am fond of such as attending gallery openings or museum galas or (3) You could book an engangement with me in which we enjoy a fine meal together at a restaurant of my choosing. There is nothing I am more passionate about that hedonism and being a good bonne vivant so you booking me for an evening in which we share many bodily pleasures lets me know you are the kind of guy I adore. In fact, check out my blog, to read about my lusty epicurean adventures!

In lieu of more traditional gifts, donations can always be made to Planned Parenthood, SWOP (Sex Workers Outreach Project) Bay Area or St James Infirmary in SF and are greatly appreciated. Philanthropy is sexy!


Upcoming Schedule:

NY June 3rd - 8th

SF June 9th - 14th

I am available world wide but am based between SF and NY.

My consideration largely stays the same throughout the US with few exceptions (when there is a change in honararium as connected to a certain city I am touring, that info will be posted with dates and the area I will be in). I am frequently traveling. LA, CHI, DC, NY and Boston. Don’t see your city on my schedule? Let me know you want to come to your area! Overnight dates include the cost of domestic travel! Any dates over three hours require deposits.



SF, DC, CHI, BOS etc.


Europe 450 E/ hour if I am already there.

Returning friends I’ve seen within a year have their rates grandfathered

Overnight (12 hours) $3,500

Extended O/N (16 hours) $4,500

A whole delicious day $5,500

My lovely assistant, Simone, is available by phone and email M-F 10-6 EST. Provided you have reached out during those hours, expect a prompt response. Outside these hours, you’ll hear back the next business day. In SF + NY I have a lovely Berkeley incall or can come to you!

I am availible for men, couples, women, trans-people and anyone in between who is safe, hygienic and respectful. I never discriminate on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, disability status etc. If group activities are your cup of tea, please email me as I have many friends who can join us!

Please leave consideration in large bills tucked in your favorite book or in an unsealed envelope in plain view upon meeting and do not ruin the mood by mentioning it. My consideration is NOT negotiable.

Though I have bold style, I’m a lady. Any lewd or graphic conversation over phone or email will lead to swift (and permanent) termination of our communication

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