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Your college sweetheart fantasy come true…

The Look

Zoe Oliver is a 5'3", all natural, 20 year old caucasian woman with long black hair and blue eyes.

She is available for Men, Women, and Couples.

My friends and family comment frequently on my youthful spontaneity, which carries over into everything I do. I enjoy quiet, contemplative dates over dinner at an upscale restaurant, but I can derive just as much fulfillment from an afternoon spent sprawled on a picnic blanket at the park. While I value experiences more than material goods and gifts, you can always win my heart over with a bottle of white wine.

I am a highly-educated, thoughtful companion who blends a sharp wit and a soft heart perfectly. I have an insatiable desire for novel social endeavors and am always excited to meet and befriend new people. As such, I am outgoing and jovial. I strive to enhance the mood of all those around me.

I am a petite, young woman with gentle curves reminiscent of the ideal of decades passed. My long, dark hair is usually left down, as I love to feel the wind wrapping through its strands and around my neck. I have big blue eyes that have been described as “piercing” that are complimented frequently by my penchant for red lipstick.


Conversationally, you’ll really catch my eye if you talk to me about science. If you play me in a game of chess I’ll be even more elated. I’m a classically-trained dancer, and as such, would love a night out to go dancing.

More superficially, I love white wine, high heels, and subtly sexy lingerie…


Please visit my website if you would like more information about my expectations, rates, and availability. Otherwise, feel free to contact me by email, listed under Contact Info.

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