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+2 for 1 - Your amnesia cure.

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choosing to fly without wings makes one greater and more capable than waiting until wings are grown, to then learn how to use them, and eventually fly.

The Look

Ariana Jasmine is an all natural caucasian / latina woman.

She is available for Men, and TV/TS.

With extremely bubbly personalities, great attitude, combined with intelligence, both of us are a great combo for any sort of event, date, night out, or even chillout time with a minimum of absolutely wonderful conversation.

Each of us have varying personalities, as well as body types.
However, we share the same reverence for respect and properness, with well-mannered behaviour.
Both of us carry a strong sense of intent and dedication and dignity, with no amount of carelessness or heartlessness in what we do with our lives from day to day.
Seeking to be pristine in every way that we can, both of us are extremely well kept, while also being smart, and worthy of conversation.

Together, or separate, we are awesome companions for any situation.
Aspiring to be positive and uplifting to anyone!
Anyone who spends time with us, wishes to never forget us.

Imagine if you experienced amnesia, and the first thing you remember is one, or both of us…that is the idea.


Honestly, most common interests, across the board, would be of interest.


Proper attitude.
Considerate heart.

At this time, we are only available as a combo, so if seeking for time at a formal event, keep in mind that there will be two of us.

Note: Ariana is Intersex.

Available as Incall or Outcall.

There is a basic screening process before we can meet up. This is required.

Simply call or email to book an arrangement. (24+ hour notice is ideal)

Scheduling can be arranged for any time of day, any day of the week.


500 for up to 1 hour (60 minutes)
800 for up to 2 hours (120 minutes)
1100 for up to 3 hours (180 minutes)
2400 for, up to 7 hours (420 minutes)

Beyond that, standard expectations are expected.

Any questions or concerns may be addressed via email.

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