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The most attractive thing a man can do is exactly what he says he’s going to do.

Hi there,

First & foremost let me say I changed my phone number because I got tired of having a Montgomery county number when I live in Houston. Please take a note that I have changed my number and the 936 number Will only work another couple of weeks.

Don’t forget if you would like to follow me to my new location make sure you’re programmed in my NEW phone BY SEPTEMBER because I won’t be seeing the folks who refused to see me where I am currently located!

I can appreciate you right where you are this very second in your life. I’m fairly certain when you get to know me, you’ll appreciate the fact that I’m mature, & don’t particulate in childish games.

You never have to worry about me wasting your time because I won’t. I do change my hair a lot- so let me surprise you!

I offer quality companionship that you’ll enjoy. I have a wicked sense of humor that maybe
Whether you agree or not that some things in life improve with experience … is a matter of opinion. One known fact, is that we all must change.
Some changes are much more difficult than others, but inevitable. I’ve been working on several projects, & relocating is currently a top priority.
I have every intention of creating an amazing experience for you while I’m in Houston. I’m here to be your quality confidant. I’m also an excellent listener. I’m intellectual, & bright. I have no troubles keeping the conversations flowing. I can appreciate the differences that make us who we are.
I’m all for & about details. Details set the foundation of beauty. If you can give me around an hour or less, I will set the mood at our meeting location, & will make your time with me all seem worth it.
I intend on creating an experience that keeps you wanting to know me even better on an even more intense level. You’ll find me to be a very assertive yet I’m also not afraid to make mistakes. That’s all part of learning & growing.
I’m worthy of your attention as you have mine.
Your trust & comfortability with me is of greatest importance.
Give me a chance. I will strive to go above & beyond. I’m not here to be another “average”or “less than average” experience. I want to exceed & will.
It’s been my pleasure to be of the Highest rated TS mature entertainers in Southern Texas.
With an extremely wickedly twisted sense of humor, outgoing personality & free spirit I can entertain even the most skeptical.
I’ve kept everyone guessing just when they’ve thought they’d figured me out. My moods, & disires change. I’m not “always” anything. I’m not always aggressive, & have a very soft, nurturing side to me as well.
You’ll learn quickly that I’m well reviewed for a reason. I’ll always show my appreciation for you, while understanding that you work very hard for a living & I will never try & take you for granted. I deeply appreciat your efforts in getting to know me.
I have a PERSONAL RULE- to ALWAYS let you INITIATE CONTACT with me via text or call-first.
I’ve taken great pride in providing quality companionship & professionalism that you’d expect from someone of my background. Now sit back, relax & let me take it from here once you set a time for our meeting.
My photos are 100% genuine & authentic. I don’t own Photoshop, although my professional pictures are airbrushed, as expected. Some of my photos are even dated, but they’re all me guaranteed! I’m usually available til Midnight- but I am only around some of the time ( part time) & only available til Midnight!
Please MENTION Slixa for ultimate immediate attention!


The Look

TS Jenna Summers is a 5'11" 34 year old caucasian TV/TS with long platinum hair and hazel eyes.

They are available for Men only.


I’ve always been told that I’m quite friendly & outgoing. I enjoy learning what makes others “tick” so to speak & always offer an experience that’s well above average.


I don’t want to be a bad, or another “less than average,” experience that you’d wish you could just forget. I’ve heard of countless numbers of providers out there that just don’t value your well being, safety & appreciate you in the ways it counts. It’s just not possible or even almost reasonsable to expect that from those “companions” unlike myself that gives 120% of myself & in everything that I do.

I am available only UNTIL Midnight. Please don’t call after midnight until the next morning. Thanks for your support. Don’t by shy! I can’t wait to hear from you!

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