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30H-25-36 ATHLETE

PHYSICALITY: I am a Caucasian female of Eastern Mediterranean extraction standing 55 tall. I measure 30H-26-36, but am otherwise built like a gymnast, lithe and muscular, with thick dark brown hair past my shoulders and clear hazel-brown eyes. PERSONALITY: I am direct, intelligent, and self-motivated. I am an athlete and a woman interested exclusively in low-stress, high-return engagements with like-minded men. I love romance, but have no desire for entanglements. OBJECTIVE: Time spent in mutual enjoyment without artifice or need of nerve on either side, lol - to that end, I personally review all inquiries. Ultimately, without some sense of accord, no amount of incentive is equal to the task. Bottomline? Show me we speak the same language and I guarantee cause to celebrate that fluency! GENERAL INQUIRIES: Contact me directly at All emails first receive my auto-reply. READ IT. Shoot espresso. Carbload. Break out the Visine, the HookedOnPhonics. Burpee your way through, lol, I dont give a &$@€, lolol. Do what you do, but do NOT fail to read the auto-reply. Why you ask? (Wooosahtwitch, twitch, LOL.) Because, Friend, it is my gift to you full of detailed answers to frequently asked questions, a comprehensive explanation of the screening process, photographs*, and relevant links. Furthermore, this email represents ground zero in an efficient system of communication designed to respect my time as well as your own. This is also the first (maybe last, lol) opportunity you get to showcase your own personality. So, don’t let you be the reason we never meet, lol, and look at it as a filter - my homemade search engine (with the exception parameter No. 1 is comportment not cup size, lol). IMPORTANT: A good rule of thumb here is to conduct yourself as you would were you asking the company of someone well known to you and whose good opinion you prize - to borrow from a favorite work, The Hagakure, imagine that [whatever you write, even a single letter] hung on the wall as a scroll by the recipient.

The Look

The White Queen is a 5'5" 29 year old caucasian woman with medium length brunette hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Male only.


I schedule no later than the day prior to the requested session (this timeline assumes I have already confirmed receipt of screening) and offer both incall and outcall. Please, note that weekday evenings from 5-10PM are available to multi-hour/overnight appointments only.


  • H*/400$
  • 90/600$
  • 2H/800$

OUTCALL (hourly only)

Outcall is offered within the city limits of the city in which I find myself at the time of your inquiry-not the other way around, lol. Austin, Houston, and Dallas are available for overnight only, and non-Texas invites must be established clientele with airfare AND donation provided in advance.

  • H*/500$
  • NIGHT/5K

*International discussion not included. Session requires advance notice and additional 100$ donation.

Individual idiosyncrasies aside, the ideal client innately understands and adheres to the following in every interaction and does so from a sense of self-respect rather than external pressures:…

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