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+Please contact my darling doppleganger, Slixa’s Scout Schaffer

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“All good things are wild and free.” Thoreau

Not Available. Please contact my trusted doppleganger and dear friend, Scout Schaffer. We are one in the same in terms of brains and bodies and stand alone on the Gulf Coast as being the darlings of the C-Suite. I urge you to continue communicating with her directly as I am no longer available via email, text, or mobile.

Reminder: Happiness and pleasure are your birthright. Receptiveness, your superpower. Action, your friend. You are not a servant to others’ altars. It’s your life. Enjoy it. It’s been my pleasure and honor to meet you fantastic human beings along the way. Salut.

My name is Katya. I essentially create mutually enjoyable experiences and present opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t exist.

My approach is blunt and presentation style unbranded. Mutually enjoyable results in enjoyable experiences. Without a connection its like playing puppets. Period. Nothing comes from nothing.

Low profile. High-end. Legs for days.

Attended top-tier private schools (the kind with uniforms and nuns).

Traveled to more than 25 countries to date (on my own dime and often solo).

Adventurer extraordinaire and will go anywhere and do most almost anything.

Intuitive above all else and an extraordinary capacity for empathy.

Very high-energy, contradictory, with British manners. I challenge the status quo.

I get along swimmingly with uber nerds, we speak in “bespoke”;).

The Look

Katya Van B is a 5'9", slender, all natural, 31 year old caucasian woman with long blonde hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Men, Women, and Couples.


Self supporting multi-media artist and love all that is creative. I am also a rally racing aficionado, and adventurer at large.

Former equestrian with a fondness for big Dutch warmbloods and a penchant for German engineering, hot hatches, and flat sixes.

I camp on deserted beaches, climb mountains, and jump off waterfalls.


Please read prior to contacting me:

  • No Selfies: I do not send selfies.
  • In-Call: I have a permanent incall location downtown for convenience and privacy purposes.
  • Same Day: Evening dates only.
  • Outcall: 4 & 5 star hotels. At my discretion.
  • Workarounds for Screening: No referrals. No reviews.
  • Low-Profile: It means I can (and do) enjoy going out on the town. Take me out. I’m footloose and fancy-free.
  • On-Going: Long-term arrangements are my preference and forte.
  • Communication: Communicate with purpose and intent please. Include relevant, basic ‘when / where’ type info.

Extremely low volume, expect my rates (and scheduling flexibility for those I see on an ongoing basis) to reflect this*)

*Cash, Skype Money, Bitcoin, Amex / Visa Gift Cards, and Select Retail Gift Cards, or any combination thereof.

Do / bring whatever you’d like here. Shower, jump in the pool, spill champagne…I mean it when I say make yourself at home.

Valid passport and TSA clearance.

As I end-up only seeing a few gentlemen in a part-time professional girlfriend capacity, I often disappear for months at a time.

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