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A journey of mystery and desire

The Look

Sasha Evans is a 5'9", curvy, all natural, 25 year old black / latina woman with medium length blonde hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Men only.

“Hey, I just found your website, and you are stunningly beautiful.” - One of the most adorable complements that I have gotten since I started my website.

Besides being described as gorgeous, a goddess, or “stunningly beautiful,” my personal attributes extend from a great mix of goofy, relaxed, sensual, and a well-rounded attitude.
Exploration is something that ignites my passionate side. I love learning and exploring new things or places. Anyone fortunate enough to enjoy having me as their muse for an evening is sure to be delighted.


I love the sheer excitement of late nights, long weekends, last-minute getaway trips, and at least one day in between where I spend my day lounging around in my panty barefooted, drinking Italian soda, and enjoying the sunset with one of my close friends.


I am particular about who I choose to see, and to ensure that we both have an exuberant connection I have these expectations:

# 1. REVIEW MY WEBSITE FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. It is extemely important that you do.

# 2. SCREENING IS REQUIRED for all new dates. The process is non-invasive and takes 2-3 minutes to complete. Please seek another muse if you are uncomfortable providing personal information.

# 3. INQUIRIES may be done via email or text. I will not answer any texts or emails that appear to be harmful, rude, or vague. You may also make inquiries via phone.

# 4. BOOKING is done over the phone only, and is a confirmation of our date once you have been screened. Even if you inquire and/or provide screening info over email or text, I never book unless we have a telephonic conversation.

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