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“Act, do not react. Follow your nature. We are all animals. Follow your instinct.”

The Look

Regal Raven is a 5'3", all natural, 30 year old latina woman with long brunette hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Men, Women, Couples, and TV/TS.

Do you seek to add more pleasure and eroticism into your life? It is time to give yourself permission to embrace the god that you are. You work hard, you play hard, and you enjoy your life. But there is always more to experience, more ways to have fun, more pleasure to be had, and more excitement to be sought out. So come to me; the classy gentlemen, the workhorse, the entrepreneur, the connoisseur, the artist, and the executive, and I will bring you into my world of hedonistic pleasure!

I have 3 different sessions to offer which range from sensual to light bondage and sensation play. My skills are vast and I am also happy to customize a session for you if you have specific requests that may not be encompassed in my listed services.

~Erotic Lux Massage~




Erotic Lux Massage:

Midwest- {1 Hour- 220} {1.5 Hours- 320} {2 Hours- 420}

West Coast- {1 Hour- 320} {1.5 Hours- 420} {2 Hours- 520}

East Coast- {1 Hour- 420} {1.5 Hours- 520} {2 Hours- 620}

Bondassage® & Elysium by Bondassage:

Midwest- {1.5 Hours- 360} {2 Hours- 480}

West Coast- {1.5 Hours- 460} {2 Hours- 580}

East Coast- {1.5 Hours- 520} {2 Hours- 640}


This can make for an unforgettable experience as an add-on to any of my table services. I am happy to discuss my rates with you for the following:

Exclusive add-ons
Role Play


Oct 27- Oct 31: New Orleans, Louisiana- BOOKED

Nov 11-Nov 17: New York (Midtown), New York- PRE-BOOK NOW

Nov 27- Dec 2: San Jose, California- PRE-BOOK NOW

Dec 12-Dec 16: Las Vegas, Nevada- PRE-BOOK NOW


From a young age I have had vision of living in a castle, draped in plush fabrics, and adorned in sparkling jewels. The regal luxury and sophistication of past eras draws my fantasies towards a time when elegance and vanity were highly regarded.

This is something that I believe is lacking in today’s culture. Casual is key and the more torn your jeans are, the hipper you are. However, in my life, I strive to bathe myself in luxury whenever possible. I enjoy the finer things in life because I can see and appreciate the beauty that went into a 5-star meal, a handcrafted purse, or a perfectly tailored suit. I wish to bring into my practice a bit of this regal luxury and intellectual sophistication…mixed with a sprinkle of avant-garde darkness.

“The true sin is the falsification of vanity, luxury, and self-indulgent pleasure being anything other than the appreciation of all that can be experienced in this human form.” ~Raven



1. Online verification of who you are (i.e. link to your Social Media page, LinkedIn page, or Employer website)

2. A photo of a Valid Picture ID (i.e. Driver’s License *you are welcome to block out your address*, Employment Badge, School ID, etc.)

I do not use references as I feel they are a waste of time. It is very possible for a client to have disrespected one provider but not another and of course they will only provide the second as a reference. When it comes to new clients the only thing I am concerned with is knowing who you are and you knowing that I know who you are. Privacy and discretion are of the utmost importance to me. I never share client information and you can rest assured that I am trustworthy and understanding of people’s desires to keep things discrete. But please remember that I am inviting you into my space and for my own safety and assurance I need to know who you are. I do not care about your P411 Ok’s or your references on TOB. If you cannot provide me with your full first and last name and the information that I require, I unfortunately cannot accept you as a client.

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