Olivia West

+Welcome to my genuine and charming world, in this very moment I am yours…

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Romance by definition means a feeling of mystery, excitement, and remoteness from everyday life… come with me and I’ll show you!

Well hello there! My name is Olivia. I am genuinely fascinated with people- from all walks of life, and have a natural sensitivity to the needs of others, which happily makes me an ideal long-term companion and also a wicked charades partner! You will find that our trysts will become more fulfilling with every intimate moment we spend in each others arms…

I hope you are the man that can spend some quality time with me! Allow me to take your cares away while making you feel appreciated and admired. I want to create a spark that will light up your day and leave you with an impression that will last long after our time together. Ultimately, I want to build a pure relationship of trust, passion, excitement, and friendship. What are you waiting for? Let’s discover each other…


I delight in listening to all genres of music and appreciating the arts. I would absolutely love to get to know your tastes as well! Attending sporting events and live concerts is a favorite amusement of mine. Just between us, I will award extra brownie points to anyone who can teach me to play golf! You can often catch me challenging myself at the gym, reading something compelling from poetry to non-fiction, or expanding my movie collection (I consider myself somewhat of a stage and cinema connoisser). I also live to explore other cultures, languages, food, etc. and am thrilled to have an opprotunity to travel to exotic places. I find it all stimulating and rejuvenating.

Physically speaking, I remain all natural from my piercing brown eyes to my abundantly long legs :) I carefully maintain the smoothest toned, tanned, and beautifully unmarked skin. I spend a good amount of time refining my fitness techniques and wholeheartedly believe in being firm and fit, and still preserving delicious and feminine curves. Mentally, I am a lifetime learner and I am passionate about expanding and challenging my mental processes. I love a man that can explore new ways of thinking and feeling with me!


While touring in Denver I will be with my very best friend, the incredible Chelsea Banks! We prefer to meet new clients as a pair, so don’t be shy and pre-book us now! Please add 200 for double rates and 250 to individual rates while we are in Denver.

Visit my website for rates, ettiquette, screening, and all sorts of fun stuff!