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Ima a Virgo who is so unique & one of a kind I promise you will agree as well nothing to lose but a whole lot to gain what do you have to lose

I love the casinos anything that involes high adrenalin excites me. Love to dress up I was an exotic dancer for 15 years so I just enjoy the atmosphere as does anyone im sure. I‘m pretty open to anything exciting. I love to go out to dinner, take walks, & enjoy great days with awesome friends. I am a single female with a grown daughter in college so my time is pretty open to anything in life that makes me happy however ; I do have a full time job 10 hrs a day 4 to 5 days a week, so I will try my best to accommodate being a truly great friend & hey who these days are not busy right lol. I love to shop & enjoy the finer things in life, so I know very well the concept of work hard play hard. The fast LIFESTYLE has always been my thing its ok not everyone can be BETTY CROCKER I’m more of a Harley Quinn… I and am not looking for anything accept companionship & ways of doing what I love & meeting new friends for those gentlemen whom are to busy, or just want companionship for whatever your mood for the day you are welcome to call me anytime! I promise I will be available & assure you that I am a great enhancement to your life. Never ever will I bother/call or any other types of behaviors that you do deem alright sometimes new friends can be overbearing nah not me In just a freebird if you will lol. This is not for illegal purposes this is a skill an art for some of us ladies who have the gift of gab the never meet a stranger personality then Im your new best friend & I enjoy my job to its fullest just give me a chance to become one of your trusted friends their are not alot of us out here today & I assure you that I am the last of a dying breed & you will be very happy/lucky to have encountered me. I live each day like its my last Im a social drinker & I do not do drugs so their it is in a nutshell be prepared to have the time of your life with OHIO’S FINEST. Dang I almost forgot my favorite I absolutely love to travel, so as long as it does not interfere with my main form of employment LEGO lol. I am not age specific I adore all people & all people love me hope your not thinking wow she is cocky no no sweetheart I know my worth because I have worked my whole life to make sure I maintained INTEGRITY, HONOR & CLASS worked out for me well so yes Im convinced I earned it tho not to many can accomplish that.

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NIKKI is a 5'5", athletic caucasian / native american woman in her early 40's with medium length brunette hair and green eyes.

She is available for Male, Couples, and Disability.




My intrests are reading, tanning, & being an entrepreneur my personality is so unique you must see for yourself never have I been mistaken


Im totally for everyday friendship however; I am a busy lady so if you book a slot & dont keep it I will not see you in the future thanks in advance

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