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“She was everything real, in a world of make believe.”

Hello friend!

My name is Nikki Newhope. I am an adventurous, bright, charming woman with a magnetic personality and an effortless beauty. My innocent big brown eyes, and scrumptious apple-bottom are just the icing on this intoxicating little cake. When you look closer you’ll find that I am a naturally empathetic caretaker, a creative passionate dreamer, and a refreshingly mischievous free-thinker. (The quintessential Leo)

I’m far from your average, a little out of the ordinary, and everything you’re looking for. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed with a quick-witted sense of humor and addicting allure that oozes from my hour-glass frame.

A little bit of country mixed with a whole lot of rock and roll. One of the hard to find, stop you dead in your tracks kind of girls that can definitley keep up with the boys.

Lets face it, something brought you here… a hidden desire, an undeniable temptation, an endless curiosity, a “jumpstart for your soul”, or maybe even an intangible draw to a kindered spirit. Whatever your reason for reading this is, I am glad that it’s brought you here.

May you find what you’re looking for.
instagram: @nikki.newhope
twitter: @nikki_newhope
snapchat: @nikki_newhope

The Look

Nikki Newhope is a 5'6", all natural, 26 year old caucasian woman with medium length platinum hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Men only.

  • I am hopelessly addicted to the internet.
  • Video games
  • black clothing
  • breakfast at tiffanys
  • cult classics
  • VS pink socks
  • lingerie
  • city lights at night
  • warm sunshine
  • words (vocabulary, grammar, spelling, definitions, typography, quotes, linguistics)

Call or Text for booking.

Please no explicit, vulgar, or rude talk. No discussion of services will be done over the phone at any time whatsoever. period.

Please no blocked calls.

Please allow at leasts a two hours notice.

Donations must be placed in plain view on a freestanding surface upon arrival. Please no envelopes.

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