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” I made a cute scarf with all the red flags you gave me.” lol

Location: Las Vegas
Travel Visits: SoCal Only (LA, OC, IE)
All other travel is travel to you/with you arrangements
Sites: P411 / Switter/ TNA
100% Independent
Call me Ally!

I’m local to Las Vegas. Been in the industry for several years but mostly in CA. newly relocated to Vegas. My niche I guess you would call it is that I am a real next door type. Very open minded, very honest, and real. No mask, no cover, always me. Classy on the outside and fun behind doors. In life I’m always up to something. I love to try everything. Hiking, Skiing, getaway trips, a new city, hockey games, football, and baseball games, movies, and restaurants!

I’m a big time foodie. You have to be a foodie when living in Vegas. I enjoy dinners along with my dates. I am definitely a “wine and dine” type of woman. Dinner dates are a chance to make a mental connection and I’m all about that! Connections spice everything up. On my Switter you can find a list I have created of great places to try while on your visit or on a date with me.

Doesn’t have to be at dinner either but two hours is a nice way to relax and get to know someone. I also offer a clean super cute incall. I love having guests over. I’ve been known to provide meals made by me for my clients. I can truly say I enjoy what I do.

The Look

LasVegasCupcake is a 5'1", curvy, all natural, 28 year old latina woman with long brunette hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Men, and Couples.


Gosh everything.

I played piano for several years so music interests me. Andante! Allegro! Vivante! I can read music after 6 years of theory.

American history also insterests me. Especially the 19th century as it’s where the people before us laid the groundwork for our beliefs, values, laws, and spoiled lives we live today. From Jefferson or as he was called “The Sage of Monticello” to the Central and Union pacific railroads to the Industrial Revolution. I can also name all presidents. It’s always fun to recite on first dates. The smiles I get in return are always priceless. And! I can remember specific dates of many events in US History such as the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, The emancipation proclamation on Jan 1st 1863, or Kennedy’s death in November 1963.

I scared a guy away once because we were watching the Last Samurai with Tom Cruise and in one scene the film so pathetically tries to tie in the battle of the Little Big Horn (Cruise’s Character is 19th century American) and outloud I say “June 25th 1876” Hahaha I sh— you not I never got a second date for that.

Interested in men that like things. Sports, Golf, or Travel. I do like a Man’s man too. LOL I don’t care what it is, but at least like/do something because as you’ll find, I do.

Hopes this helps for any ice breakers. Now it’s time for you to get creative.


Please send a kind introduction via email to :

Include your name , Date, location and duration you have in mind for our visit.

Please contact with your name,

Verifying yourself as a safe being is required
I have multiple ways to verify
Please, do not contact me if you’re uncomfortable with verification.

Please try to give me a 48 hour notice prior to the visit.
I really appreciate a heads up

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