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Lingerie looks great when it’s on but looks even better… when its on the floor!

Have you ever wished you had your own private hideaway where no one could find you so you could escape the rat race? Be free from responsibilities? Let your hair down? Relax? Unwind? Exhale and just get away for a while? What if there was a beautiful woman waiting for you there? She pampers and massages you from head to toe, brings you food and beverages, making you feel like a king! Your wish is her command. You leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and recharged with a pep in your step, a smile on your face feeling like a new man.

Hello gentleman my name is Dominique and I am offering just that, your own private getaway to escape anytime you’d like day or night. Although it may feel as if you’re a million miles away you’re actually just ten minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. I have a safe, discreet, VERY nice private location where you can melt away your worries and get treated like royalty for being the wonderful man that you are.

I am a very pretty and passionate, Portuguese and French brunette Beauty. I have big hypnotic brown eyes long legs, a flawless complexion and super sexy ultra bright smile.

The Look

Dominique Silk is a 5'4", all natural caucasian woman in her early 40's with long brunette hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Men only.


I’m a writer by trade so you will always catch me with a pen in my hand and looking for my glasses which are usually on top of my head. I am a very feminine girly girl who adores oversized bathtubs with too many bubbles, high heels, powder pink lip gloss and you will probably never meet anyone who likes water as much as I do, If you cant find me in the shower I’m in the bath, If I’m not In tbe bath, I’m in the pool, Not in tbe pool? Then I’m in the jaccuzzi with a cold glass of ice tea watching you run around like a dummy looking for me. (smile) I am also an old school music connoisseur and believe there’s no sound like the sound of mowtown.


I am responsible, dependable and highly regarded. I’m friendly and easy to talk to and tend to be a practical joker. I am classy confident, soft and sensual and sexy as hell. Oh, and if you’re a breast man… youre going to be amazed. (smile)

CALL ME! Its never too early or to late. Escape… to your private getaway. I’ll be waiting for you.

Luv, Dominique. (702) 601-1103

Pease do not send Text or Email I would appreciate it if you could just call me direct. Thank you.

Gentleman, where are your manners? Dont you know its not polite to keep a lady waiting? (smile)

APPRECIATION: (what happens in Vegas…)

4 hrs. 1,000

3 hrs. 750

2 hrs. 500

1 hr. 300

30 min. 150

( donations are somewhat negotiable as I am 110% independent. Talk to me, I am confident that we can work something out that is comfortable for both of us.)

APPRECIATION: Therapeutic/Sensual Massage

30 min. 150

60 min. 200

90 min. 250

60 min. Therapeutic/Sensual Massage with 1 hr. (what happens in vegas…): 450

30 min. Therapeutic/Senual Massage with 1hr. ( what happens in Vegas…): 400

30 min Thetapeutic/Sensual Massage with 30 min ( what happens in Vegas): 300


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