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Have you ever seen that tough looking tattooed chick walking down the street? You know, the one that wouldn’t give you a chance in hell? Well, I am here to quell those fears.

Welcome to my world. It is full of beauty and a slow warmth that will envelope you in. I may have a hardened exterior but what lies beneath is truly to be experienced. Don’t let the tattoos scare you off, I am sweet as can be. A petite Southern woman with an exotic touch to match. Devastatingly charming with a wicked sense of humor, there is nothing I enjoy more than seeing a smile stretch across your face and a laugh bubble up out of your chest.

I’m open to learning all about you and what makes you smile, lets explore those avenues together.

The Look

Audrey McCarthy is a 4'11", curvy, 24 year old caucasian / ebony woman with shoulder length brunette hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, and Trans.


Art history, religions, old movies, and all things weathered with age


I cannot stress how important it is that I feel a sense of graciousness and appreciation for my time. I devote myself entirely to you, please respect that.

I fully expect bodily and teeth hygiene to be in order. There is nothing that will kill it for me quicker!

Upfront communication is what I am looking for but I do have limits on communication. My phone is an honor, please do not abuse it. I have no time for those who waste mine and will make it very clear if I feel as if my communication is being abused.

When contacting me, I prefer email and will (almost) always respond within 24 hours. I will never answer a phone call from an unestablished pal and will ignore follow up texts as well.

I am available every day except Sunday evening. I do not see unestablished pals after 10PM, within exception.

If I am traveling to you, please be respectful of my travel time. Traffic is stressful!

If you cancel once, you get one more chance. After that, good luck.

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