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Experience what you Always Dreamed About . Definition of GOOD girl gone WILD!

23 years young and full of life.i love to travel and see the wonders of the world. agricultural science is a major of mine . im a small girl in a world of adventure so i try to take advantage of that. my lovig smile,bright eyes are great features of mine that i know you will love . i can be the naughty vixen you dream of or the arm candy you want to show up with at a formal function. i give great conversation and im sure to always steal hearts . get to know my wild side a bit more if you want.


  • reading
  • traveling to new places
  • shopping
  • researching up and coming studys
  • I am a animal lover
  • studying historic events really intrest me
  • aquariams
  • taking a wild ride on a jet ski
  • anything new and exciting


i am big on professionalism. i respect others so i demand the same respect.