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With a Wiggle in my Walk and a Giggle in my Talk…

The classic glam of a pinup model and irresistible curves of a mid-century bombshell - you knowww that’s what you like!

Let me be your own private Marilyn with my irresistible charm and contagious smile.

Or perhaps Ms Page is more your flavor? My inner bad gal will scratch your deepest itch to submit.

Make your next adventure as timeless as I am…

450 one hour

600 ninety min

750 two hours

+300 each additional hour

The Look

Alexis Chantelle is a 5'7", curvy, 31 year old caucasian woman with long blonde hair and green eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, Couples, and Trans.


At first glance it may seem as though my glamour was meant for the silver screen, a pretty starlet bound for Hollywood. But you’ll just as soon see me riding around in a pickup truck as you would a limousine. I find real joy in maintaining my perfectly manicured appearance, my platinum blonde hair, and carefully curated vintage wardrobe. I also love a good ole tromp through the woods with my dogs and hopefully a sweetheart in tow! My heart belongs to the countryside, and I’m lucky enough to call the hills of Tennessee my home. But I never tire of the magic and romance of the big city. This is one of many reasons I love my lifestyle. I am blessed with both the profound beauty of my rural home and travel as I wish to the cities of my choosing. Dinner in Manhattan, hikes to secret waterfalls, oysters on Fisherman’s Wharf, sexy picnics in fields of wildflowers, rooftop bar cocktails on a warm summer night, skinny-dipping in local swimming holes…I live the best of both worlds.

When I’m at home in the country, I love to putz around in my garden where I grow flowers, veggies, and herbs, sunbathe nude in my backyard, take long country hikes with my pups, and swim in just about every little water hole I find in the summertime. During my city visits, I scour consignment shops to feed my vintage clothing addiction, enjoy all sorts of culinary delights, catch up with friends over happy hour, and take in whatever culture the local museums are offering.

More than simply a way to reconcile my love of the cosmopolitan with my wild country heart, I value my work as a healer. I believe that touch is an innate human necessity and essential to our overall well-being. In providing opportunities for connection I am continually graced with possibilities to see the best in people. These connections in turn are a perpetual source of joy and pride for me.


I’m an avid traveler and I love what I do as it allows me to explore this wild and precious world. When I am not on a specific tour, I spend most of my time relaxing in my Tennessee countryside home. I update my travel schedule on my website regularily. Cities I frequent are NYC, DC, Atlanta, New Orleans, and Minneapolis.

The best way to contact me is via my booking form (on my website) or direct email

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