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Creep Huffing

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Nellie Nectar. Nose Candy. Hot Crusties. Creep Huffing. What? Oh - Pantie Huffing.  Got it.  

Urban defines "Creep Huffing"  as: 

(v) English: The act of sniffing the creep of used or soiled women's underwear or hosiery.

Past Tense: Creep Huffed. Origin: San Francisco. "Last night, I woke up and found my boyfriend creep huffing."

or "Pantie Huffing" as:

(v). The act of smelling soiled panties for sexual enjoyment.   Japanese men are known to love Pantie Huffing.

Wow - So many sexual advancements over the last twenty years as a result of the Pink Curtain. Pantie Huffing!  This is great role play teaser to chat about.  Why?  Because it is another one of those things we just don't get to talk about a lot,  and a lot of folks  like to get off thinking a bit pervie about lightly soiled undies.  The idea of breathing in that damp, delicately wrinkled fabric ...  Stroking off to the kaleidescope of fantasies that swirl in the mind's eye when the  distinct smell of poontang is inhaled and deeply penetrates the psyche.  Yea?  Yea.  It's okay. You are not alone out there.    

Believe it or not, I have received requests from complete strangers for photographs of My dirty underwear, or  even the actual  panty  to be sent via snail mail.  It is one of those things that may sound cracked when thrown out of context in the form of slang vernacular (i.e.: hot crustie creep huffing) though really we all have found the smell of a lover's sweater or  tee shirt to be comforting when they are not there with us, not to mention a pillow case they slept on, or a towel used after washing up the last time we saw them.  Seriously.  In some way, shape or form - we have all know the love huff! 

Our sense of smell is one of the most powerful tools we have, though when it comes to sex, we don't talk about it much outside of a shower. Pheromones linger when people are chemically in sync with each other; and sometimes even when they are vastly different. There is something about the (light) aroma of another person that is comforting and arousing when you are attracted to them. 

 Now if babe is banging hot, and all you want to do is fuck her, though you know you can't do that, the smell of her panties beneath your nose,  and the stroke of your hand on your dick is the best feeling ever, isn't it?   Focus on that and come on!

So don't creep around in the dark when you can  just ask for it.  You may get the scent, or you may get punished, though either way - you will enjoy it!  It's better than getting caught after hours in the dirty laundry basket ...


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