Marketing can be expensive and exhausting, and the opportunity to take a break can seem like a blessing.  The opportunity to relax your hustle because you hit that sweet spot with the lovely folks you see on a regular basis is a hard call to ignore.  How often is day-to-day life sideswept for the sake of updating your site, updating your ads, posing for photos, running deals, answering the phone, and reminding people that you are sexy and wonderful?  When you are working as an escort (or another adult entertainer), it is easy for your life to be taken over by the sales monster, especially in a major city like Chicago or New York.

Laying off of your marketing tactics, whether it be delaying getting new photos, slacking off on re-upping your ads, or avoiding that overflowing inbox, can be detrimental to your ultimate security.  Getting new photos, in particular, is a struggle for me.  Finding a good photographer can be so difficult, not to mention harrowing if you are part of a particular niche group (fellow BBWs, you feel me?).

Photo shoots are, in particular, the thing I am most likely to slack off on when it comes to my business.  I find shooting nerve-wracking and exhausting; I translate far better in person than I do in photos, and the anxiety of performing for a camera can be overwhelming.  Reminding myself that new photos always offer a boost in my business is major motivation, despite the fact that it can majorly deplete my energy for a day or two afterward.  The longest I’ve gone between having photos taken is seven months, during which I transitioned from working in a house to working independently.  The combination had a seriously detrimental effect on my client base, and getting new photos provided an immediate boost in business.  

Any opportunity to expand your growing enterprise is a good one.  The amount of work you get is largely proportionate to the work you put into your business.  

Most importantly, the reality is that our relationships with our clients weren’t necessarily built for longevity.  Transactional relationships do tend to run a course with a natural ending.  While sometimes we can get lucky and develop long term friendly relationships with our clients, life circumstances and the limitations of manufactured intimacy can create conflict.   I have had regulars end our relationship because they got a new significant other, because we simply lost the excitement with one another, or because our particular interests became less aligned over time.  Constantly developing a new clientele is an important business strategy, particularly if this job is your sole source of income.  We need to make sure that we are keeping our client pool fresh.

Not only can new clients help maintain stability when those regulars are reaching the end of their connection to you, but they can keep your work life exciting.  One of the benefits of this business is meeting lots of fascinating people (and I mean “fascinating” in the, uh, broadest sense of the word).  Adding new personalities to the mix can prevent that aforementioned boredom that sets in as a routine becomes a little too regular.  

Hustle on!