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“Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do.” - Rumi

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Jennifer is a tall, curvy, all natural caucasian woman in her late 40's with long red hair and green eyes.

She is available for Men, Women, Couples, and TV/TS.

Sacred Intimacy is an exploration - it makes room for what we want to find. I am an expert in the art of exploration and I’m eager to share what I’ve learned about it with you.

I am your guide into the realm of the healing power of pleasure. Let us find the answers together. What do you want? Where can you go from here? How do you want to get there?

You may be seeking help with specific challenges or healing of body memory. Perhaps you would like to become more emotionally comfortable with your own sexuality. Maybe you are seeking a Sacred Intimate encounter in order to experience more joy and pleasure. Whether it’s for coaching, learning, support or erotic expression I am here to provide a nourishing respite from your stress-filled life and to offer the opportunity to connect with another loving human being.

I can guide you through modalities that include direct contact awareness and skill, body awareness, breath and breathing techniques, touch, and movement safely, gently and with a finely honed skill that makes me suited to do this work with you. At its core, SI work is about encouragement - contributing to your experience and supporting your growth and learning. The answers live within you. It’s up to you to begin to ask the questions and uncover your fullest self-expression. Sacred Intimacy involves coaching - time to talk about things that are important to you and perhaps discover ways of being where old habits are examined, management structures are dissected so that they can be found to be serving you or not serving you. That then begs the question that if they are not serving you how do you go about examining them and creating management structures that serve you well. You and your Sacred Intimate set forth agreed upon experiments and then together you gather the data of those experiments always with an understanding that your choices are perfect for you simply because they’re yours. Gathering the data together allows you to have a partner -someone that will help you to stay with the work and remain focused on your goals as you set them out. As your Sacred Intimate I am committed to going into the flow with you wherever that takes us.


I have been studying Tantra for several years and I am currently studying in Seattle and North Carolina. I believe that my 10+ years of experience as an escort makes me a uniquely qualified guide within the realm of sacred intimacy. I am a Certified Sacred Intimate through a Tantric temple in Seattle, Washington. I underwent a yearlong course called “Sacred Intimacy through a Tantric Lens”. I was fortunate to work with others with a similar calling and I learned a great deal. Where escorting often focuses on the aspects of gratification and entertainment my work as an SI is more focused on healing, transforming, learning, becoming, and the development of sensual, and emotional experiences. My teachers include Dr. Rudy Ballentine, Jay Craver, Christina Sophie, Mark Flemming, Alex Jade, and Lizz Randall.


Let’s enjoy one another…mindfully, erotically, sensually, openly. I am fond of intelligent, respectful and worthwhile relationships. I am also fond of long, leisurely sessions that allow us time to explore the richness of our shared experience. I welcome spacious time with you and I’m open to the possibilities of long-term explorations crafted specifically for you. Let’s discuss our preferences so that we can tailor a session to your specific desires.

My suggested donation is $400 per hour.

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