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+Demure and petite.

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“From across the room”, by Mary.

If you were to spot me in a room, I am the demure, soft-spoken woman sitting by herself.

As you walked towards me, you would notice my shiny long blonde hair, my cute petite frame and my intense focus on the current project I am working on. You might be hesitant to bother me, but your presence has caught my attention and I look up at you with my deep blue eyes.

As you continue to walk closer our gazes lock. You might see me flush with ambivalence, but I wouldn’t want you to walk away.

As you approach me, I would show you my big bright smile. I would ask you about your day and be curious about your desires and motivations in life. I’d prefer you not ask me many questions about myself, as you might make me blush. I might tell you that I’m better at explaining things without words.

When I stood up to leave, you would notice my tight, tiny waist and full round derriere. You might have forgotten to ask for my name and continue to long for the chance to connect again.

I believe human connection is one of the most important things that define our modern evolution; and although not natural to me, I am flexible to accommodating relations that prefer to leave the connection to be a paradox.

The Look

Ms. Maxxwell is a 5', slender, 28 year old caucasian woman with long blonde hair and blue eyes.

She is available for Men only.


Lingerie modeling.

Evolutionary psychology and epigenetics.

Hitt workouts & yoga.

Drinking tea & fine dining.


Sunshine, nature & random acts of kindness.


I initially communicate through e-mail and can provide my phone number after screening. My verification requirements can be found on my website.

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