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Welcome and thank you for meeting me here!

I am an all-natural redhead with a sweet giggle, a sharp wit, and Parisian roots. As an international explorer and scientific diver, my effervescent wonder for the world compels me down perpetual piles of research publications and over awe-inspiring Mountain Star Corals. In every answer, I find one hundred new questions of our vast yet intricate global ecology. While scientific research is my specialty, my interests extend onward towards our socioeconomic and literary landscapes. Academia being my preferred courtship, I aspire to learn something from everyone. I love engaging in conversation fueled by passion. I am easily swept into the affectivity evoked by discourse of my companion’s intrigues. I am always seeking fresh experiences - from gallery gazing and wine tasting to jet-setting across the globe.

Let’s explore the world and each other…

1 hour 800usd

1.5 hours 1,000usd

2 hours 1,250usd

3 hours 1,750usd

4 hours 2,000usd

8 hours 3,000usd

12 hours 4,000usd

16 hours 5,000usd

24 hours 6,000usd

The Look

Gemma Lane is a 5'8", slender, 27 year old caucasian woman with long red hair and hazel eyes.

She is available for Male, and Female.


I am a scientist, in love with the ocean, rocks and minerals, hiking, and traditional medicine. I have the most adorable puppy in the entire world. For leisure, I enjoy hammocking with a Dostoevsky novel. I treat myself to morning yoga and evening bike rides. And of course, I always enjoy humour, particularly sarcastic whiticisms.


All donations are in appreciation of my time and presence only. As such, please refrain from lewd inquiry. To view this content, you must be of age in your jurisdiction and not share these materials with those who are not.

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