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Live to Inspire…

Come Imagine… & Escape…

I am an elite, sophiticated, Dominican & Jamaican beauty. I stand at 5’9” tall. My figure is athletic & lean 145 pounds of pure, chocolate candy. My body will enrapture you, as I’ve been guilty of before. When our eyes lock for the first time, you will be captivated by my beauty. But you will quickly be drawn in by my charismatic personality.

I am based in several cities including Chicago, LA and New York - I tour nationwide as well as internationally. Allow me to provide cosmic adoration to all that seek a nurturing companion and sweet friend.

If you seek…

Gratification, tranquility, Internal healing & total body appreciation - Allow my magicial ora of imagined dreams to come alive and awake your spirit. The lives we lead bring unwanted stress, tension and isolated energies that engulf our mind’s eye.

Come experience the nirvana you’ve been missing and discover your hidden self - Unlock the internal doors that keep you unsatisfied. I am here to guide you… let’s take this journey together, I will ignite your inner passion and fire.

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The Look

Caribbean Koco is a 5'9", curvy, all natural, 25 year old woman with medium length black hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Men, Women, and Couples.

  • Fitness is my life! My passion is fitness.
  • Dancing
  • Fine Dining
  • Movies
  • Reading short stories
  • Modeling
  • Teaching fitness & Training
  • Traveling the world

Hello Admirers!

I truly appreciate your interest in learning more about me. When connecting for an initial date, please complete my screening form located at the bottom of this page. You will be able to select your desired appointment, upload proper identity information and references.

Time is valuable and precious - Do NOT waste mine or yours by not reading my entire profile. Please be respectful! Be sure to know my donations and booking requirements before contacting me gentleman. Let’s spend less time hashing out details and more time spent enjoying one another.

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