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+Beautiful. Cerebral. Unpretentious. Kind. Patient.

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“There is no instinct, like that of the heart.”

I am flattered I have piqued your interest. As an exceptionally private person by nature, I am known by few. I have preferred to keep my friends to a minimum, whilst maintaining an impeccable reputation, as genuinely exclusive. My name is Bianca. I lead a full time career in a particular field of science. (Yes; really) However, I have myriad interests; one of them being the mysterious art of allurement. I am a provider in the truest form. A person of alturistic disposition, I am a giver, a passionate soul, and a selfless confidant. As you may have surmised by now, my physical attributes are equally matched by my intellect. I’m well spoken, excellently written, and comport myself in the most sophisticated of settings.

It is important to me that you make a comfortable decision in whom you choose to share your time with. Aesthetically, I am a buxom, long haired, green eyed little package of sensuality. I have no artificial enhancements or tattoos. I take skin care,nutrition, and grooming very seriously. Temperamentally, I am patient, empathic, calm, and quick witted.

Please be mindful to pre-book for the respective dates shown.

The Look

Bianca DeLaCruz is a 5'2", curvy, all natural, 33 year old latina woman with long brunette hair and green eyes.

She is available for Men, Women, and Couples.


I enjoy hiking, Broadway shows (May we see Hamilton together?) and obscure/unique dining establishments. I have just begun to explore tasting Scotch, and so far, I actually like it!

I tour wine vinyards in the summer months. Cheese and fruit pairings, bed and breakfasts out in the country and beach outings consume my spare time when it’s warm.

In the winter months, I read lots of non-fiction and financial literature. I’m also thinking of trying out for roller derby. Perhaps you can tell me if I’d make the cut.

I have a passion for wayward animals and volunteer at PAWS on weekends!

  • A proper salutation when first making contact displays your credence in chivalry.
  • Please plan in advance and be mindful of my time; that means following through with your prospective appointment and email requests.
  • Taking privacy seriously requires reciprocity.
  • Please view my website and read it carefully before considering moving forward with contacting me.
  • My photos are current, accurate representations, therefore please do not request salacious cell phone shots.
  • I am sign language friendly and do not discriminate age, race or disability.
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