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+Elegant, Mature, Classic Beauty with a Delicious Splash of Spice and Sass!

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Everything in this moment is absolutely perfect.

Greetings Gentlemen,

I promise I won’t speak in third person. Isn’t that a relief? :)

Please allow me to introduce myself, I am a woman of grace and taste. My name is Ann-Marie and I would be very pleased to make your acquaintance.

I am just in love with life! There’s so much to see and do here that I can’t imagine ever really getting bored with it all. A sharp wit, an occasionally irreverent sense of humor, and an enterprising nature makes it all that much enjoyable. Don’t you think?

Being foreign born, but raised in the Mid West, I’ve adopted that delightful little twang and warm personality. I have also traveled extensively and lived abroad for several years which has given me rare insight into very different cultures, a lot of patience, and certainly some interesting tales to tell. I like to think of myself as “American Light”.

Being a lady of many travels, adventures, and experiences, I consider myself a multi-faceted individual, able to converse intelligently in a number of topics and on a multitude of subjects. Some say I am a rather pleasant contradiction; vibrant, colorful energy enveloped in gentle warmth. I can be elegant or frolicsome. entirely without airs, charming or…well…even more charming!

I’ve been many places and seen many things in my 42 years, but still retain the ability to look at everyday occurrences with fresh eyes - just as if I have never seen them before. This way, nothing ever becomes routine or mundane.

I’m an artist, dancer, and musician, so naturally an intuitive soul. Maybe we could do some watercolors whilst we Samba? That may get a little messy, though.

Being the perfect dinner or evening-on-the-town companion, my dress is demure, but…just revealing enough to truly whet your appetite. My presentation is composed and elegant, but my mind is open and inquisitive.

I have many other interests that will have you all aglow and atwitter!

I designed and created my own web site based on my personal style as I believe this will give you a better understanding and feel of who I am. It is just one of my many hobbies that has proven to be useful to me from time to time.

Please read my website before contacting me. I see Very Few Gentlemen, so if exclusivity is important to you, I am your lady-in-waiting. I am 100% drug free, smoke free, and I am Ye of Little Alcohol, but at times a glass of wine is just fine.

I do screen for my safety and yours. Please be prepared for this screening. If you are not willing for a very discreet and professional screening, then I respectfully request you do not contact me

Kindly introduce yourself in a gentlemanly fashion.

I do not answer “one liners”. I will only see gentlemen 40 or older.

With Anticipation,

Ann-Marie x

The Look

Ann-Marie is a 5'9", slender, all natural caucasian woman in her early 40's with long blonde hair and green eyes.

She is available for Men only.


Travelling, exploring new cultures. I am a multi-instrumentalist so seeking out new and exotic instruments is exciting. I love to sail and climb rocks! Hang gliding is definitely on to-do list!


My Tuition is as follows:

1 hour class (limited availability) $450 incall and outcall

1.5 hour class $650

2 hours $800

3 hours $1000

4 hours $1200

Any class over 2 hours does require some time outside the classroom, such as appetizers, coffee, or a meal.

I seek respectful, mature, witty and warm gentlemen who appreciate my sense of humor and style. I adore confidence and class, but not stuffiness or superiority. I think it is a lovely thing when a man can balance taste and tact with humor and humility. Please be a down-to-earth type of chap; refined, yet “real”. Success is Zexy, but arrogance is just so very unattractive.

I’ll require 2 references from recently see ladies or a membership in a screening organisation. Other ways of screening are also acceptable, but screening is to make both of us comfortable and is mandatory.

Gentlemanly behavior is expected at all times as is good communication. Please come smelling very freshly and freshly showered with breath as sweet as the flowers you proffer.

Kindly book 24 hours or more in advance when possible.

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