+Lushious companion for the established gentleman. Young free spirited Gypsy

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When I’m good I’m very good…but when I’m bad I’m better…

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is gypsy and I am a young full figured companion. I possess a deep sensuality only found in a few…easily aroused, I love the thrill of clandestine encounters…one minute perfect strangers and the next passionate lovers.I am mixed with Puerto Rican and Italian and stand 5 feet 6 inches tall with extremely soft and voluptuous breasts.I have deep red natural hair and nearly full tattoo sleeves.I am a natural beauty and a head turner with an infectious passion for life.I am open to the world of kink and find that I am naturally submissive.For this reason I offer a special “submissive gypsy” package which can be very exciting for the gentleman looking to explore a more dominant side.I supply some props and toys to make this role play come to life as well ;) I am not a switch as I simply do not enjoy playing the role of domme. I am a true people person and it’s as if I have an instant familiarity and connection with people felt both ways.Most of my clients would describe me as down to earth and very “real”.I love to chat and I especially love to laugh.I ensure that your time is well spent as I know we all lead busy lives but need the time to unwind and recharge.


Music is my first love and passion.I enjoy reggae,hip-hop,classic rock,Latin music and more.I also enjoy writing poetry as well as dancing and travelling.I enjoy great conversations with good people as well as good food.

Gifts are not required by any means yet for the gentleman who would like to extend extra generosity below are some of my favorite items.

Red roses

Gift cards to intimacy,Nordstrom and Saks.


Please see my website for all the details! :) You can also find me on Twitter and tumblr…