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+Looking for a real Southern Beauty? Look closer. I’m Gia Bella.

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” If bread is better than nothing, and nothing is better than love; then by the transitive property… bread is better than love” &
Oderint Dum Metuant

I’ve established myself as a staple for clientele looking for a memorable, relaxing, non-rushed engagement. Highly educated & specialize in licensed massage therapy as well. I offer in-call, out-call, coffee, lunch and dinner dates, as well as overnights. I also offer a variety of specialty packaged sessions. Soft-spoken by nature, I much prefer to let my actions and my clients speak for me. I derive my greatest pleasure not from reviews, but from the experiences that inspire them. My friendly demeanor, alluring green eyes, toothpaste-commercial smile, all-natural 38D breasts, and expertise will keep you enthralled. But those aren’t the best reasons to visit me. The best reasons are that I truly enjoy what I do, and I always provide the most entertainment for your investment. It’s a point of pride. As something of an artist, I often say I’m expanding my life palette here.I have a successful, fulfilling career away from it. You see, I’m here because I want to be, not because I have to be, and that makes all the difference. Something that sets me apart from many others is the fact that I’m 100% natural. You will find no part of me altered by plastic surgeons. My youthful 38D breasts, smooth tan skin, and warm smile are all natural. I am not concerned with a client’s size, shape, age or ethnicity, nor do I work harder for some than others. My philosophy is simple: The tourist in the T-shirt and cargo shorts gets the same VIP-style treatment as the businessman in the Armani suit. Respect is the lifeblood of my approach. I honor any boundaries you set & my clients trust me to help them experience utopia without risk, a responsibility I take very seriously. I’ll do everything in my power to make sure you’re relaxed, comfortable and pleased. Your privacy is paramount, as is mine. I don’t smoke, but I don’t mind being around cigarette smokers. One of my favorite smells is that of a good cigar. My turn-ons include humor, humility, kindness, selflessness, and open-mindedness. If you can laugh at yourself, you’ve got my attention. Do I have yours?

The Look

Gia Bella is a 5'6" 36 year old caucasian woman with long blonde hair and green eyes.

She is available for Male only.


I enjoy music, sporting events (Football Games) hiking, travel, biking, fine dining, cooking and reading, and I can hold my own on topics ranging from sports to cars to science to business. I love visiting museums, and have been known to spend countless hours in a good bookstore. I participate in Outdoor sports and activities regularly and love to rollerblade.


Availibility is 10a-11:30p daily and holidays and love overnights. Available for earlier or later appointments with notice. Early morning appointments require advanced notice.

Simple screening or verification required. Please have the name and contact info available of the last person you have seen ready when booking. If you have never seen a anyone before, no worries, I have other ways to clear you. I am passport ready and I LOVE to travel.

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