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Paris, often referred to as the city of love, is France’s largest city and one of the world’s largest art and cultural centers. Paris is France’s financial and banking center and it is one of the top 5 most visited cities in the world.

Although Paris puts a high emphasis on tourism, art, and culture, Paris actually has a vibrant, diverse nightlife scene. If you’re not tired from viewing all of the art galleries and other tourist spots during the day, then you’ve got a lot of nightlife options to spend your night partying, dining, and drinking. While most people don’t think of Paris as a nightlife destination, those who really know Paris would agree that Paris has a vastly underrated night scene.

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Nightlife in Paris

Le Duplex: Le Duplex is one of the largest clubs in Paris, ideally located near the center of Paris. Le Duplex is often very hard to get into unless you get bottle service, so you’ll probably want to call in and reserve a table to make sure you get in without having to wait in the terribly long lines.

Inside the club, you’ll notice there are several rooms as well as a large dance floor. There are also several floors in the bar as well as a bowling alley on the top dance floor, so you can kill time if the club is not quite filled yet.

The crowd is often very diverse and Le Duplex attracts both locals and tourists looking to party. However, the international presence is definitely clear as you’ll find American, Russian, and British tourists predominately representing the tourist crowd.

Although the music may be diverse, the music is just as diverse – if not a little more diverse. The downstairs DJ tends to play more modern hits whereas the upper floors have their own specific genre. Old school hip hop may be played on one floor whereas EDM may make up the upper floor. Everything about Le Duplex is unique and the environment is just about the best in all of Paris.

Experimental Cocktail Club: If you’re someone who has fully embraced the cocktail movement going on the bar world, then you’ll love the Experimental Cocktail Club. Although Paris and France is known for their wine, Experimental Cocktail Club finally offers guests a world class cocktail in downtown Paris.

As you can expect, you’re going to pay a pretty penny in the Experimental Cocktail Club, but you’ll find the handcrafted cocktails intriguing to taste and interesting to watch. All the cocktails are handcrafted and the process is often laborious, which just adds to the experience of true skill the bartenders possess.

The inside of the bar is stylish and the selection of cocktails is superior to any other place in all of Paris. The mixologists are incredibly friendly and they’ll be able to help you find the perfect cocktail for you – even if you aren’t a big drinker or don’t know premium spirits that well.

Many bars focus on one thing – often its’ cheap drinks, music, or the social environment. At Experimental Cocktail Club, world-class craft cocktails are truly the only focus on the bar. If you fancy yourself a connoisseur of cocktails, then you’ll absolutely love Experimental Cocktail Club.

Le Cavern: If you want a relaxed, casual night out in Paris, then Le Cavern is definitely a spot you’ll want to consider. As you could expect, parts of Le Cavern look like, well a cavern. The stage where the band performs is in the basement and it the walls and ceiling are reminiscent of an old cavern, which is how Le Cavern got its’ name.

Known for having some of the friendliest bartenders in all of Paris, Le Cavern is the ideal place to go to drink good French wine and listen to some bands perform. Although the French may have a reputation for being snobby, nothing is stuck up or pretentious about Le Cavern. The mood is completely relaxed and there are constantly events like karaoke going on that keep the mood light and the wine flowing.

If you want a truly relaxed and “chill” night out in Paris as you sip on good wine and listen to good music, then Le Cavern must be put on your list of spots to go. The bartenders are friendly, the wine is authentic, and the environment will keep you lively and upbeat all night long.