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+A tantric experience for Goddesses, conscious vibes & mystical touch

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Make today Epic then let it go. Like Life

Don’t really focus on th8s much.

I am doing audio book and getting ready for shamanic retreats starting mid March.

Gentlemen only

No hey hey guys. Get a vocabulary? Am not yoyr dude friend or a friend am a stranger so properly introduce yourself.

Only cater to those who provide quality safe space.

Nothing else but true energy work. There IS an escort section with many many goddeses offering many things.

Would prefer, am interested in Long term for about 3 months regular clients so as to see progress and do more intriquette deeper Tantra and grow. Tantra is a pretty trendy term these days. However so much disinformation exists and the watered down versions take so much of the empowerment and beauty of it all away.

The massage and journey includes breathwork, intention, healing, Zen state of no mind, presence, liberation and a mystic vibe that you do not get to experience in a rushed world.

Our journey takes you through a guided meditation into your essence while experiencing a shamanic healing.

Website is very much tailored for students and performances/ workshops at tantric festivals and transformation festivals but always happy to share with you as a part of your absolute right to be selective in choosing the journey for yourself or partner.

Tours are updated on website and a free podcast is now being offered to more than just students.

My path is one of sharing the power of acceptance and letting go of what does not serve us. While embracing our true nature, essence, unique beauty and power.

Using Taoist, Egyptian, Hindu, shamanic Quodoushka and healing practices we flow together into a sacred space with almost a deafening silence beyond this realm.

Using frequency, accupuncture 12 meridian points, energy healing and guidance we celebrate your human experience

Open to dinners, casual afternoons, weekend getaways and offering true companionship with a shamanic twist!


By appointment only as I do other things and teach.

Outcall only

Screening call


Hetero Couples welcome but understanding this is about the Goddess.

The Look

tantra and energetic goddess is a 5'6", slender, 38 year old latina woman with long hair and hazel eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, and Couples.


I have had several art gallery presentations and ha b.c e two wonderful degrees I employ in my life practiccontact for website and info

Yoga and chi gong nei gong tai chi are all active life practices of mine.

As a personal chef at times of course I love food.

I have music on 24/7 if alone.

Am a wanderlust baby, have done trips of even 4 countries and 32 cities in two years at times. Love my travels.

I do eco building, aquaponics, hydro, tilapia pond water to irrigation, under and above ground green houses and more. So great love for the land and our survival.

Dancing is a huge de stress and intellectual conversation from teslian coils to medicinal activism. Etc. Good living productive stuff.


I value everyone’s path and am pretty taoist compassionate in my life so how people are with me is huge I have an open mind and am nurturing however very much into setting boundaries, discussing likes, dislikes and valuing your expectations

I appreciate hearing the tone in a person’s voice and feeling their vibe.

Making sure you have a great true different experience is my main goal.

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