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Stop, Look, Listen, Enjoy

… the goddess exacerbing your senses, the adorable tantrika pampering you, the extrovert woman having fun with you … was your WIFE or your PARTNER of some time ?

This person that attracted you, that you liked so much, that may have given you kids, it could be worth being her darling again! But she may have to reconnect with herself first, she may have to heal those traumas endured during the beautiful years spent with you… or even before!

I have been married for 21 years, I have practiced Tantra for about 15 years (with my wife most of the time) and it really helped our couple thrive through the pleasant and less pleasant moments of our lifes.

I invite you to offer to your wife a safe, nurturing and healing Tantra Session with me.

During the session , she will have the opportunity to let go of fears and blockage while her energy will be boosted and circulated in her body. She will enjoy forgotten sensations and amazing delicatessen.

This is definitely a gift for Her, but also one for YOU as you will rediscover the partner of your life…

Note that you can be present and participate in the session for her

The Look

Serge is a 5'10", slender, all natural, mature caucasian man with short blonde hair and blue eyes.

He is available for Women, Couples, and TV/TS.


Tantra is the yoga of the soul and heart that I practice with every breath.

I am very grounded but enjoy all activities above or under the water, particularly when it is a warm, salty ocean full of life.

I also like traveling and photo.


I offer Tantric sessions to women and couples who want to have fun, discover new ways to interact with each other, reconnect on a different level…

Awaken her Sensuality: 2 hr: $400

Tantra healing: 2-3 hrs: $500

Reconnect with your partner (couple session): 2-3 hours: $750

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