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Madrid is the largest city in Spain and also Spain’s capital city. Madrid is home to several international political organizations and is one of the world’s largest cultural and historical centers. Madrid has also transformed itself into one of Europe’s largest financial centers and Madrid has a massive university and research background as well.

Despite its’ historical and cultural attractions, Madrid is still one of the best cities in Spain for nightlife. Although it may not be as popular as Barcelona or Ibiza, Madrid still has its fair share of nightlife attractions. By day the city may seem like your typical bustling city, but after sunset the city is transformed into a lively, party-crazed town.

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Teatro Kapital: Teatro isn’t just one of the most popular clubs in Madrid, it’s also probably the biggest. There are seven different floors in Teatro with each floor paying a different genre and music and vibe. The club is also filled with both tourists and locals, so you’ll always experience a nice blend of people.

The one drawback to the club is that it is fairly expensive compared to must clubs in Madrid. In fact, it’s going to cost you up to 17 Euros just to get in the door, although this comes with a free drink. Still, be prepared to pay a pretty penny for both the cover and for drinks as the average drink costs roughly 12 Euro.

The club does get incredibly packed so if you don’t get bottle service, your best bet is to go to the rooftop level where there are tables and booths to relax at. The music is also much quainter so you can actually have a conversation if you so desire.

The overall vibe of Teatro is definitely energetic and most people are there ready to rage. Get there at 2 or 3am and be prepared to have a killer time partying, drinking, and dancing to some world class DJs spinning the hottest tracks.

Joy Eslava: Joy Eslava may not have the space or typical appeal that Teatro has, but it more than makes up for it with an ideal location and much more affordable drink prices. Joy Eslava is located in central Madrid, which means you pretty much get to Joy Eslava from wherever your hotel is or whatever bar you started at that night.

Inside the club you’ll notice the space is a bit smaller than Teatro but is still suffices. The main dance floor can accommodate a few hundred people and there are a few VIP tables on the first and second floor. Bottle service is definitely an advantage here due to the smaller place and the service was rated among the best in all the clubs in Madrid.

A lot of patrons would tell you that the music is good but nothing too special. Most of the music is house, electronic, and other dance music. There is never really any big name DJs coming to play but the music is still solid and it’ll get you in the mood to dance.

Overall, Joy Eslava may not be the best club in Madrid but it’s still a good spot to go to if all the other clubs are full. The club does fill up and the music is good so chances are you’ll probably have a good time.

Sala El Sol: If you’re not really in the mood for the club experience in Madrid, then consider going to Sala El Sol. Located near downtown Madrid, Sala El Sol is one of the best places to see a concert and unlike the clubs in Madrid, Sala El Sol offers a great view of the bands performing and a close up experience.

The bar is also fully stocked so Sala El Sol is a great place to grab a few beers and listen to some live music. There isn’t much room to sit and sometimes there isn’t really any room at all. However, the vibe of Sala El Sol is to really focus on the music, which is what makes it special. If you’re into live music and want a more casual night out, then Sala El Sol should be a place you consider going.