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Munich is the largest city in the German state of Bavaria. It is one of the fastest growing cities in Germany and several of Germany’s largest corporations call Munich their home. Thanks to its’ growing population of younger professionals and its’ high tourist appeal, Munich has a lively and large nightlife scene. There are dozens of clubs, bars, and events to visit in Munich, depending on your personal tastes.

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Nightlife in Munich

Harry Klein – Harry Klein is one of the Munich’s largest clubs and it is located in center city Munich. If dancing and listening to world class DJs play the hottest house music is your thing, then you’ll love the Harry Klein.

Inside, the space is massive, although the club can still appear like it is overcrowded within a short while of opening. To avoid this, there’s plenty of room to take you and your entourage to a private booth for bottle service if you so desire.

As you could expect, the lightning inside is mostly dim, but the visual effects from the DJs playing is more than enough to liven up the mood. The Harry Klein is easily one of the best spots to go in Munich and the music and energy inside the club are sure to get you in the mood to rage all night long.

Substanz – Looking for a less crowded rave style club and more of an indie, “divey” style bar? If so, then Substanz may be the bar for you. As many patrons will tell you, Substanz can fit a variety of different roles, depending on the entertainment that night. Some nights you may get all indie music but the next night you could be listening to the latest hip hop and electronic music.

Some days Substanz skips the DJ all together and hosts poetry slams, which brings out the creative, artsy youth from Munich. On other days, Substanz plays the role of a sports bar so you can catch a football game as well.

As we’ve said, Substanz can play many different roles depending on what is going on in Munich. It is by far one of the more unique and diverse locations in Munich and the cheap drinks will keep the mood light and the conversation flowing all night long.

8 Below – A nice alternative to the Harry Klein, is 8 Below, just a few miles away. Like Harry Klein, 8 Below is a large, energy filled club that plays a variety of music from some of the city’s hottest DJs.

However, unlike Harry Klein, one would probably describe 8 Below as an “alternative” or “hipster” club. Inside the club you’ll find that is predominately the type of person you’ll find in the club, although there are other nights where the crowd becomes much more diverse.

If you’re looking to party listening to a diverse range of music, then events like the weekly “90’s Trash Party” or “Lesbian and Friends” will surely peak your interest. 8 Below definitely has its’ role for the youth in Munich, but it is certainly not one of the higher class clubs in Munich.

Niederlassung – If you’re looking for more of an intimate, quieter night out then consider going to a place like Niederlassung. Niederlassung is a casual, relaxed bar with one of the best happy hours in all of Munich.

There is a wide variety of food served at Niederlassung, all of which is highly rated by the patrons who frequently visit. The cocktail list is also extensive and you can find a variety of unique spirits and liquors added to cocktails that offer some incredibly unique and tasty experiences.

The overall vibe inside Niederlassung is relaxed. Nobody is pretentious or snobby but at the same time Niederlassung keeps out “grunge” youth in Munich who are looking to solely get drunk. The music is always played at a reasonable level and you’ll be able to hold a nice, intimate conversation with a group of friends or a special someone incredibly easy. Niederlassung is definitely a nice break from the typical German bar you’re guaranteed to have a great time every single time you go there.