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Hamburg is the second largest city of Germany and the city boasts the largest economy, focusing on the Port of Hamburg, as well as a large banking and media sector.

As you could imagine, the appetite for a vibrant and diverse nightlife is huge in Hamburg, and the city is lined with dozens of nightclubs, restaurants, and other types of nightlife. You’ll find that Hamburg has one of the most unique nightlife scenes in Germany and all of Europe.

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Nightlife in Hamburg

Uebel & Gefahrlich – Uebel & Gefahrlich is one of the smaller clubs in Hamburg but it is ideally located in central Hamburg. The club itself is actually on one of the top floors of an old WW2 bunker, which was never demolished despite several attempts by the German government.

Upon getting to the club, you’ll need to take an elevator up the old bunker to the main area. Here you’ll find a decent sized main room with a large bar and open space to dance and drink. Normally there’s a DJ playing by Uebel also features some other unique events on off nights.

Drinks are moderately priced, so be prepared to spend a little extra if you plan on staying for a while. The overall vibe is definitely energetic, although the atmosphere definitely depends on what event is going on that night. Overall, you’ll find though that the mood is generally upbeat and you’ll definitely have a good time at one of Hamburg’s hottest places to go for music.

Golden Pudel Club – Much like Uebel & Gefahrlich, the Golden Pudel Club has some of the best music in all of Hamburg. The music played at the Golden Pudel Club is mainly house and EDM, and the actual club is fairly small in size.

The bar itself is fairly small, which often gets backed up due to the sheer number of people in the club. In fact, the club is often so crowded you can’t move much, so people with claustrophobia might be best suited somewhere else. In addition, the club is very dark and navigating throughout the club is often a challenge. However, if the club gets too hot or you find yourself overwhelmed by the number of people, you can head outside to the patio area and cool off while still enjoying the music.

The one great thing about the Golden Pudel Club besides the music is the price of drinks. Drink prices are almost a steal at Golden Pudel Club and you’ll be able to stretch your money much further here than at other clubs. If you’re into cheap drinks and high quality music, then the Golden Pudel Club is a quality nightlife option.

Uppereast Club – If you are in the mood for the club experience in a classier way, then the Uppereast Club is definitely the best option for you. As soon as you enter the club you’ll see that the ambience is trendy and the people are dressed a little more to impress than many of the other clubs in Hamburg.

In addition to the classier, stylish design, you’ll be able to get bottle service at the Uppereast Club if you’re feeling like a VIP. There are several tables lined up throughout the club so tourists looking for the typical club experience will be able to do so.

As far as the music is concerned, you’ll find mostly house and EDM played and occasionally a big name DJ will ignite the club, which is always a plus for the mood and energy in the club.

Overall, the Uppereast Club is a breath of fresh air if you’re looking to rage the night away in style. Everything from the décor, to the dress style, to the VIP screams stylish, so be prepared to go to the Uppereast Club dressed to impress. It is by far the best nightclub in Hamburg if you aren’t into the “divey” style of club that is often found throughout Germany.