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Cologne is Germany’s fourth largest city and one of Europe’s largest “cultural hubs.” Cologne has over 30 museums and 100 art galleries and boats one of the oldest universities in the world.

Besides its’ cultural attractions, Cologne also has one of the most unique city landscapes in all of Europe. Cologne was one of the most heavily bombed cities during WW2 and almost the entire city was destroyed. Still much of the historic buildings have been rebuilt and the rich history of Cologne is still evident today.

Nightlife isn’t scarce in Cologne either. There are several music festivals and events held in Cologne each year that help boost the city’s nightlife scene. There are now hundreds of bars, restaurants, and nightclubs around the city that highlight both German culture and attract the millions of international tourists each year.

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Nightlife in Cologne

Gebaude 9 – Gebaude 9 is a large alternative music-themed club on the east side of the Rhine river. Once an old warehouse, Gebaude 9 has been transformed into one of the largest music venues in Cologne.

As you can imagine, Gebaude 9 is fairly casual in nature. Many people describe it as an alternative, “Berlin” style club. Don’t expect to hear mainstream music or you’ll be incredibly disappointed. However, what you will find is a variety of blends of music and that makes for an interesting, unique experience.

Events and different bands are constantly featured at Gebaude 9 so you never really know what you’re going to get. However, one thing is certain and that is that music is predominately the focus of Gebaude 9. The cheap drinks aren’t bad either though.

Barracuda Bar – If you’re looking for a spot to dance but don’t really want the massive nightclub type venue, then consider heading to Barracuda Bar, on the western edge of Cologne. The venue itself is small with seating both inside and outside, which is ideal on those hot summer nights when you want to cool off.

Inside the club you’ll find the lightning and decor is a bit more stylish and classier than other bars in Cologne. It is almost like you’re in an upscale club that has been shrunken down into a smaller venue.

Drink prices are a bit pricier but the drink quality and environment more than makes up for it. Still, make sure to bring a few extra bucks because you can spend a lot more money than you’d originally intend to pretty quickly. Overall though, the club is lively, the crowd is awesome, and the DJ will play a variety of hits and music to keep you moving all night long.

Blue Shell – Another one of the fine places to see live music in Cologne is at Blue Shell, located southwest of center city Cologne. The club is fairly small, although there is still enough room to move around when needed. You’ll also find the atmosphere to be “alternative” or “hipster”, although this can change based upon which band is playing that night.

Drink prices are not necessarily cheap or what you would come to expect at a divey establishment but the beers are cold and the drinks are strong, which is all you can really ask for.

Like most venues in Cologne, the true focus at Blue Shell is on the music Some of Germany’s hottest bands play at Blue Shell, which can attract quite a crowd. The music could be described as indie for the most part, although there are exceptions.

Overall the Blue Shell is your typical music venue in Cologne, although it does attract better music. There are also a variety of beers and cocktails to choose from, which only adds to the mood and awesome experience of Blue Shell.