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Berlin is the capital city of Germany is and it is also Germany’s largest city. Home to over 3.5 million people, Germany is considered a world city of culture, politics, and science. It boasts one of the most diverse economic portfolios and Berlin is widely known for its’ festivals, its’ love of art, and its high quality of living.

Berlin isn’t just a city for the arts, however. Berlin is home to some of the largest and best nightlife venues in all of Europe. There is no shortage of nightlife in Berlin and there’s a different style or vibe for everybody somewhere in the city.

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Nightlife in Berlin

Berghain – Berghain is one of Berlin’s largest clubs and is one of the best spots to go dancing in. Many frequent patrons would argue that Berghain is the place to go for techno/house music. In fact, the music is really want separates Berghain from every other club in Berlin.

Inside the club, you’ll find that the crowd is very diverse and there’s frequently an international crowd from people all over the world. There are several bars throughout the club and its’ multiple floors. Drinks are not terrible pricey despite the expensive cover fee to get in either.

The whole vibe of the club is relaxed, yet energetic. People are just there to have a good time and enjoy some drinks. If you’re looking to dance and have a good night listening to some lively music, then you’ll love Berghain.

Wild at Heart – Wild at Heart is one of the few true rock bars in Berlin. It attracts both tourists and locals alike, and you’ll come for the cheap booze and stay for the awesome music.

The bar itself is fairly small and it does get packed fairly quickly so you’ll need to get there early. However, once you’re in, you can fully immerse yourself in the rock n roll being played and of course the cheap drinks aren’t bad either.

Wild at Heart is the premier destination to go if you’re in the mood to listen to head-banging rock n-roll and want to get rowdy. If rock and roll truly isn’t your thing, you’ll probably want to spend your time elsewhere. This bar is truly all about the rock n roll.

Kater Holzig – Kater Holzig is less of a bar and more of a wild getaway you could compare more to Burning Man. There are several large rooms inside one of the many buildings to go listen to live music as well as a huge outside area to listen to DJs spin house, techno, and EDM.

The drink prices are fairly affordable so don’t expect to pay an arm and a leg for a drink. The décor in itself is something to see and its’vunique blend of all things weird is what makes Kater Holzig one of the best places to go in Berlin.

If you head to Kater Holzig, you should prepare yourself for one of the most unique and strange experiences that you will absolutely love. The vibe and crowd is always energetic and there is plenty of room to move around and party until the wee hours of the morning. Kater Holzig will definitely bring you an experience you’ll never forget.

Spagos Restaurant, Bar and Lounge: If you want something a little more upscale, consider going to Spagos Restaurant, Bar & Lounge. The entire restaurant and lounge has an intimate, classy feel that is a lot different than what you experience at most places in Berlin.

The food is to die for and the menu features a variety of classic German dishes as well as your typical international dishes. Drinks are a bit expensive and the service is notorious slow compared to Berlin standards but the quality of the drinks and relaxed atmosphere more than makes up for it.

You’ll pay a pretty penny for your meal at Spagos but the overall experience is well worth it. If you’re looking for a classier dining experience and want some actual handcrafted cocktails, then Spagos is the right place for you.