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Naiya KichiHana

+Jamaican & Japanese Beauty For Your Private Leisure

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“Someone you don’t know yet is wondering what it is like to know someone like you” anonymous

Firstly if you could kindly follow me on Twitter: @NaiyaKichiHana

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Synchronicity; we have found each other and have yet to relish in the profound reward as to why our connection was meant to be…an encounter that I am excited to discover and enjoy with you soon.

It is a pleasure to meet you, I am Naiya Kichihana (key-chi-hana), an east meets west muse for your personal leisure, and what a fortunate discovery you have made upon finding me.

I’m a woman who’s youthful in age but wise beyond her years. An avid seeker of knowledge, positivity, and love. Impassioned cravings hide behind pure actions.

The world is vast and full of grand adventures all of which I wish to experience with a passport ready to be stamped.

Fashion, art, theater, music, and appreciation for beauty run the blood through my veins. An invitation for a gourmet meal will never be turned down to replenish the calories that have been lost romping around.

Deeply empathetic and delicate soul, I cherish human connection and authenticity. The best company I keep are those who wish to live their best most positive lives.

Complex when deep in intellectual thought and yet simple in action. I am neither confined to social “norms” or wavering beyond the verge of tradition. A shapeshifter; I can be sultry, sophisticated, or sweet. Keen on knowing when, where, and how best to be… especially if it’s with you.

This is my outlet as much as it is yours and passionate interludes excite me. I am selective in picking individuals with who I can share an evolving connection. I have no preconceived notions of what makes a man attractive. My only requirement is that you respect me like a lady with a polite demeanor, kindness, and generosity; as I would do so with you.

Full of intent and passion, I can give you something you will never forget and maybe even crave more…

I’m very curious now to know, who are you?

Awaiting you…

Naiya KichiHana

The Look

Naiya KichiHana is a 5'5", athletic, 29 year old ebony / asian woman with medium length black hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, and Couples.


I deeply enjoy spending quality time with someone who shares interests in travel, gourmet discovery, laughing over crafted cocktails, or a perfectly aged wine pairing.

Being carried away with anything in the arts and performances spectrum is my delightful vice. A huge inner nerd I love anime and love geeking out over anything anime, manga, comics, TV Shows, and the like! Otakus unite!

My body reacts sensationally to finding fabrics or dazzling fashion that arouses my skin on a fun shopping trip together entices my sultry side.

But more than anything spending time with you and creating beautiful memories between us is what I love the most.


Please always interact with me with respect and kindness as I would you.

I expect you to be a respectful gentleman in all our interactions – before, during, and after our time together.

I am a delicate, caring individual with personal limits, wishes, and boundaries that must be respected at all times.

If I feel disrespected or my well-being is endangered at any time, I will end our conversation or date immediately and cease all future contact between us.

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