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+English muse for travel and adventure

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Highly sought-after English companion for travel and adventure.

The Look

Heloise Golde is a 5'10", slender, all natural, 26 year old caucasian woman with long auburn hair and blue eyes.

She is available for Men, Women, and Couples.

Perhaps we’ve met before, crossing paths at a gallery in New York or locking eyes across a crowded restaurant in London. Do you remember what that moment was like? When we meet this time it will be different; we will check our responsibilities at the door and do as we please, outside the realities of our social confines.

I am your warm hearted girl who will always leave you craving more. A true sensualist who loves to indulge in all that life has to offer- art, literature, wine and only the best of company. Familiar yet enigmatic; I exist in your dreams and our fleeting moments together. I value experiences and live to create memories you will never forget. I will whisper sweet nothings in your ear and make magic happen when we are together…

A little about me: I am 26, tall (5’9) with a slim figure and elegant curves. A former model, my body is my asset and I take great care of it. Completely natural and unspoiled; no tattoos, fake tans or enhancements. Just long pale legs, long auburn hair and clear blue eyes. Non-judgemental and lighthearted, when not spending time with you I am busy in the art world, seeing my friends or cruising down the slopes in the Alps.

Whatever the situation, I am focused on delivering the best experience possible for you. Whatever your dream, let’s make it a reality. I am very much looking forward to hearing from you!

Until then, XOXO


I enjoy going to museums and galleries, reading, trying new restaurants and outdoor sports. I’m a proficient skiier and sailor.

I love to learn new languages, and am currently working on my fourth, Hebrew.


Money is exchanged for the time we spend together only.

I am not available for same-day appointments. I request at least 24 hours notice before we meet to prepare for our date and be at my best.

Dates that are four hours or more are expected to include a public activity such as dinner, a theatre show, etc. Don’t worry if you have no time to organise, I would love to plan something special for us.

For overnights (12 hour or longer) dates, I require a good night’s sleep in order to be my best self. And coffee in the morning!

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