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Women like me are rarer than gold. All natural and brimming with feminine power.

Welcome home. Back to the earth and your natural senses.

NEW COVID PRECAUTIONS IN PLACE: please visit my website to learn more.

Nice Jewish woman from NY turned California Hairy Dream.

Please visit my website to learn more about me!

Take a deep breath, let oxygen and my natural pheromones fill your lungs as you relax into my embrace. You have entered another world; a world that exists only for us.

When we meet you will be surprised at how relaxed I am and how engaged I am with you, both in body and mind. I laugh easily and often, am naturally affectionate and I have been told time and again that my brilliant, every changing hazel eyes are mesmerizing. I am highly engaged in this thing called life, including but not limited to the fun we can have together…

In a society that encourages self-repression, I am the antidote.

I have many sides to myself; from goofy girlfriend to commanding goddess, and everything in between. I love finding out what makes you tick.

I have a gentle or firm touch, depending on your tastes and a hunger that is never fulfilled. My disarming confidence will bring you to your knees. Whether your preference is a heartfelt connection with a beautiful woman, teaching touch or rough and dominant, let’s explore!

I have an undeniable intuition that I use to pull you just enough out of your comfort zone to really experience what it is you want.

My favorite clients are the ones who come to me with respect and an eagerness to forge a long lasting relationship. Then we can really dive deep together.

The Look

Hairy Nikki Silver is a 5'7", curvy, 33 year old caucasian woman with long brunette hair and hazel eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, Couples, and Trans.


I love swimming in cold rivers, dancing like everyone’s watching and laughing with abandon.

Despite my current rural experiment, I am also a ravenous consumer and creator of art and ideas. Growing up outside NYC, and then going to college there, I was exposed to a lot of ‘culture.’

I am a photographer and internationally award winning film maker with a sold out photography book published. I read nearly constantly and have a deep love of beauty in all it’s forms.



Santa Rosa

SF Bay Area

San Jose




Las Vegas




MINIMUM ‘DEEP DIVE’ SESSION 17 hour overnight

Los Angeles

San Diego


I hope to be touring NYC ASAP but things are not looking great right now. I won’t be touring NYC until their is a vaccine or numbers of cases are very low as it’s too far away from me to only see one client and I do not see a safe way at this time to see multiple clients. If you wish to invite me to a multi-day indulgence in NYC, please email Allison.

​If you live in a smaller West Coast city/town and would like to meet me please ask Allison what my minimum would be to visit you. You know I’m a country gal!

Incalls available in all locations.

My rates are listed on my website.

Please thoroughly read my FAQ and website before contacting me. Most questions you have will be answered there. When you are ready to take the plunge please email me and my lovely assistant Allison will assist you in booking your dream date!

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