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+West Coast’s sweetest yet elusive enigma. Come join me on my adventure.

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Well, well, well… look at where you’ve stumbled on to during your usual perusing on the internet. Or what is it intentional? Regardless… your proclivities are safe with me.

I guess this is the part where I tell you about myself isn’t it? I’m sure that’s whats really on your mind. Simply put… I’m an old soul with a strong penchant for adventure. Whether it’s traversing the world and allowing my wanderlust to guide my steps, or exploring the enigma that is the human mind and soul.

And in a way, I’m a contradiction of sorts… I’m a complete sweetheart with a joyful and caring disposition, but I also enjoy tugging on the heartstrings of those closest to me into doing my bidding. I can’t help it really,

it’s just in my nature.

Then there’s me, the “real world” me. I’m a college student who strongly values human connection, but refuses to be tied down to certain societal expectations. I put my interests, privacy and academic goals first and foremost. And what I am seeking is potentially you, an understanding and respectful gentlemen whose values align with my own. (Or lady! There are only a few things hotter than an older woman who spoils me endlessly.) I want to hold your hands, explore every tangible thing the world has to offer, and to ignite the fire that exists in our hearts. Be my escape from the mundane, and I’ll be yours.

The Look

Evie Aoki is a 5'5", slender, all natural, 23 year old caucasian / asian woman with long black hair and hazel eyes.

She is available for Men, Women, Couples, and TV/TS.


Ooh! There are so many.

Felines and most fluffy creatures.

Nature escapades.

The weird and the perverse (to an extent).

All those captivating dramas that contain an exceptional amount of violence and boobs. Mainly Game of Thrones… but I do enjoy more family friendly content like Studio Ghibli and Pixar films.

I have a pretty vast knowledge of video games than I often care to admit.

Art, art strolls, art museums. Anything from graffiti/street art in an alleyway to giant installations at the big gallery everyone has been to at least once.


You: A kind, respectful, discreet, and hygienic individual with a healthy understanding of boundaries. There is nothing sexier than being a compassionate person really…

I only respond to encrypted emails. There a few options available, but my recommendation is to use Protonmail.

When you contact me, please provide a short description of yourself, when and where you are interested in meeting, and either a personal ID/workplace verification or the contact info of two *verifiable* providers who can vouch for you.

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