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+One of the worlds most renowned, reputable and reliable companion

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Nothing can happen to the soul without its permission

Traveling from ashore - only on the west coast for a short time. Please check my website/social media for the most up-to-date information.

My name is Estelle Lucas, a private 27-year-old, revered as one of the world’s finest due to my impeccable professionalism, dedication, reliability, consistency and authenticity. I offer an experience like no other, an experience tailored for you and only you.

I greet everyone as though they’re an old friend. When people see me they’re struck by my darling smile, my Bambi brown eyes and my tiny yet sultry figure. My eyes are my best features, Middle-Eastern, the darkest of browns, framed by fluttering eyelashes. My face is tiny and delicate with enormous features that stun to the sight. I beam with a Cheshire smile, a cheeky grin or a bashful smirk. My lips are parted and sweet; my nose is cute as a button; my eyes are yearning and adoring; my expression is angelic and youthful.

I have a slight figure, I’m limber and draped with curves. My skin, creamy and velvet like, is soft and smooth to touch. At size 8 I’m the perfect size - supple yet womanly in figure and at 5’6 not too tall or short. I make my entrance with a beautiful dress, high-heels and styled hair and carry my joy with me where ever I go. I look like the girl next door – pretty and charming.

Affection and companionship are second nature to me. I value human connection deeply, I’m a woman who is fully embodied within her nature, it bring me great joy to share this with you. I’m one of Australia’s most reputable women and this is evident if you search my name.

Being incredibly intuitive and acute I have an uncanny ability to feel into people. My sleekness and my willingness in character is what makes me authentic. My character leaves an impression. With me you’ll find a high-spirited personality that is fun-loving, charismatic and friendly. My laid-back attitude ensures interactions are easy and natural whilst my professional ethics ensure I am at my very best and impressive. I am fearless, acute and loving, more intelligent than I appear and in many ways I am undefinable. One taste of my inner climate and you’ll be addicted. Having travelled the world and completed my bachelors, I have no trouble starting or keeping up with conversations.

If you’d like to learn more about me I suggest taking the time to explore my website and social media accounts. Here you can find out about who I am and where I’ll be in the states!

Until then,

Estelle Lucas

The Look

Estelle Lucas is a 5'6", slender, all natural, 27 year old middle eastern woman with short blonde hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Men, Women, Couples, and TV/TS.


Most days you can find me doing yoga, talking about how amazing turtles are, reading literature, drinking or collecting tea and generally adverturing around.

Since being in the states I’ve been trialing all the amazing bars and restaurants each city has to offer.


I am very selective with my clientele. Please take a few minutes to consider how to introduce yourself.

Email is the preferred method of contact. You can find me at estellelucas@protonmail.ch

My rates for new patrons are as below. If you’re a returning patron - ask me what I can do for you.

1 Hour - 1200
2 Hours - 2200
4 hours - 3500
Overnight - 6000
48 Hours - 10000

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