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“There’s another kind of hunger; a hunger for human touch… People never tell you about how it feels…the longing” ~Joyce Maynard~

This is more than just bodywork. This is a FEELING. The method in which one describes a feeling is extremely difficult to describe, it’s like trying to describe describe yellow to a blind person. Like a musical composer bringing together melodies, chords and baselines, if he or she is not feeling IT it’s just noise. I have composed a rhythm of sequences using you as my vibrational instrument tuning into your frequencies and waves. Once you start to feel it the outside real world will start to dissipate as we synchronize our feelings into the same vibratory space where desire bring us closer to infinity.

The Look

Diane Rey is a 5'7" 35 year old caucasian woman with medium length brunette hair and blue eyes.

She is available for Male only.


Meeting new friends and building relationships


Monday~ San Francisco

Tuesday~ Palo Alto

Wednesday-Saturday~ Emeryville


Donations are different city to city within the Bay Area

Emeryville Location Donation

$180 one hour

$270 90 min

$360 2 hour

San Francisco & Palo Alto Location Donation

$280 one hour

$400 90 min

$520 2 hours

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