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I feel romance & is a big part to a grate massage, soft kissing and lots eye & body contact are key to a grate massage, it’s vip to find a massage/escort that understands you 100%…

  1. Hi my name is Stephanie smithplease read my website before contacting me. It really has a lot of information that you might not have ever thought about before! It may even help to understand your own true motivations in getting together with a body rub pro” before hand. If you buy a car you want to know the details about the car and take a look under the hood. you don’t simply say to a salesman “what is the price” and make a deal without knowing exactly what car you are buying and all the details. If I posted a photo of a car for sale and listed it’s price would you buy it without knowing if the engine and transmission worked? And I bet you’d Would be upset if you bought a car online that looked beautiful, but when it arrived it had no engine and no transmission? I am most certin You would feel cheated, demeaned, and ripped off. Well Picking a Body Rub pro” based on photos —and price would be like that! It is not a good ideal.

About me : I am a real woman yes I exist ! I am 38 years oldI stand 5’3 tall and weigh135 pounds my measurements are 36d-26-36 I have med long dark auburn highlights. And big Gray eyes ! (The kind you only see in timber wolf’s gray eyes)am Italian& French heritage.Born in Italy.And I take my job seriously as you probably take your job. like everyone who takes their job seriously, I want to do my best for you I can do! In order to do this I too want repeat clients ! It’s my goal that you and I become best of lovein friends forever!

about you: you are a man and you are looking for massage/ escort That tells me that you are looking for the company

Of a Woman, but I no that your looking for more then just a massage You are very likely looking for a meaningful encounter one that during which you begin to develop a lasting emotional relationship. It’s basic as basic as you wanting air, water, foodshelter and clothin, it drives you as the human you are every minute of every day.

You want your your muscles massaged. You want your back

scratched! You want your skin soothed. And like every man and woman you want to have a out of this world romantic encounter.

you want a wonderful massage

Not someone

that dose not understand you !

you want a beautiful “woman” who will be attentive appreciative, understanding, and loving ! please feel free to checkout my wixsite down below as I no you will find it very helpful! I hope I have help you no a little more about me and what are time together will be like don’t forget my wixsite down below and this is vip, my email address has changed so if your going to email me please use this new address

I look forward to seeing you soonxoxo Stephanie

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Stephanie smith is a 5'3" 38 year old caucasian woman with medium length auburn hair and grey eyes.

She is available for Male only.

  1. I love art poetry, old movies carshows, cooking

I love to take trips to the ocean, to sleepy little towns and I love the Pac West

I love little gifts flowers, anything from Victoria’s Secret and perfume my favorite is modern muse by Estee Lauder IT ‘S my weak spot ! any thing that you took the time to pick, that you want to see

me model for “your eyes only”. I am a shoe junkie the higher the heel the hotter I feel, I love red lipstick And red wine walks in the rain make me feel so free and one with the earth! I love wet clothing on my body when I am out in the rain !

  1. Please keep your appointments, if you can not please give at least a 3 hr notice !Donations are for said time together nothing more! When sending

Email please send your name, age your work that you do and what type

Of massage your booking for and how long.

please understand thses rules are for

Safety reason’s and will help things go more smoothly.

My hours of work :

10 am to 10 pm Sunday thru Saturday

Donations: I accept cash or credit cards i usé square up ( billed very decreitly LD. Corp) for your privacy. Please have donations put in a envelope and put out where I can see, or even better in a book or a lovely card with flowers!

New year special 90.00 hhr.

200.for one hour

300.for one and a hafe hours

400.for two hours

600. for 3 hours

2,400 for 12 hrs

To no much more about me and my massage book I wrote about men& women and massage, please feel free to check parts from it out below in my wixsite. But please if you chose to send me a email after you have read it, send to my new email above. This is VIP please use

As the email link to the wixsite I no longer use. And now use the

Or you call Call me or even texting. Please check out my wixsite down below.

Stephaniesmithente.wixsite. com/Stephanie

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