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+I’ll make you homesick for a place you’ve never known.

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“But woman is not nature only, she is the mermaid with her fish-tail dipped into the unconscious”- Anais Nin

The Look

Scarlet Miro is a 5'3", slender, all natural, 25 year old caucasian woman with long brunette hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Men, Women, Couples, and TV/TS.

If you’re looking to be dominated by an unsuspecting daddy’s girl look no further. If you feel like you’ve been haunted by hounds of lust, go on and knock on my door. Enter my world of female supremacy and submit to my every desire.

I am a professional dominatrix and escort with an array of personas I can access at any moment. I am a versatile, creative sensualist. A Taurus, I am ruled by Venus, incredibly feminine, and I love being indulgent. I am in touch with all five senses and skillfully weave them (or deprive you of them if you wish) throughout our time together… I’m a classic beauty with a dark side, a good girl gone bad. I love to make people happy almost as much as I love to get my way. Seductive sadist, compassionate caregiver, I can intuit your needs, I can surprise you within your limits, and push you to explore new worlds uncharted. I am incredibly good at what I do. Miro is Latin for Mirror, step through the mirror with me and uncover your deepest self.

From the moment our eyes meet you will be enchanted by my charming demeanor, a soft gaze and subtle caress is enough to increase your heartbeat. I can skillfully dominate you and have you begging for more or alternately be your sweet companion. If what you seek is a girl on your arm, someone to wine and dine, I will meet you with warmth and excitement. There are two sides to every coin, get you a girl who can be both.


I’m incredibly interested in art and fashion. I love the human body, especially the female form, and all the creative ways one could embellish it. I love food and different drinks and I want to experience taste possible. I’m very interested in what motivates people and have a degree in psychology. There was a time when I was in school that I was convinced that one day I would become a sex therapist. I’m a great conversationalist, a jack of all trades master of none, I know a little about everything and will probably surprise you as a millennial with my knowledge of pop culture. I’m a dreamer and very nostalgic so I enjoy getting lost in old songs and movies. Talk a walk with me to another time, or create a place completely timeless altogether.


I expect you to be a calm, collected respectful individual open to new ideas as well has hard boundaries. You are a direct communicator and will not try and negotiate my boundaries with me. My biggest turn off is saying “No” more than once.

Inquiries that you have regarding pro-domme services or escorting will be sent to my email address


I require your full name (I will check your ID upon meeting), cell phone number and two provider references or workplace information like a LinkedIn profile.

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