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The mind replays what the soul cannot erase…You are who you are. Own it. Or it owns you…

I want you to think back…when was the last time a woman truly stoked the fires of your imagination? When was the last time you dared to break the monotony of routine? My name is Remington, and my company is suited to those who seek enticing conversation and a true haven in the time we spend together, wherever we may travel. In the hustle and bustle of our busy lives, it is paramount to take time out from the strife of reality to nourish our souls. I do one hell of a job at it if I do say so myself. Make no mistake, I am no size 0. I keep my curves toned and firm with rigorous cardi-barbell sessions, plenty of hydration and a strict nutrition regimen. Like you, I am disciplined in most things. However, I allow myself what I deserve. I know you are driven. I know your career rarely allows for replenishment. Let me take the reins.

I want to relax you.

To strengthen your confidence.

To quicken your pulse for all the right reasons.

In this cold world, let us create all the warmth and affection we can. Let us be our greater selves.

The Look

Remington Black is a 5'10", curvy, 29 year old ebony woman with long black hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, Couples, and Trans.


On any given warm day you can find me at the local theatre watching one of the classics, at the gun range firing off one my steel lovelies (My favorite is my Baretta px4 Storm) or driving through the mountains in my Jeep or leaning into curves on my Ninja. On the rare days when the California sun does not allow, you can find me fully emerged in my latest home design project (I love the smell of sawdust), delving in to my latest epicurean delight, or sweating it out during one of my fitness sessions.

As a certified fitness instructor I can certainly teach you a few moves if time allows.

I know most ladies are swift to point out that gifts are always welcome. Yes, they are thoughtful. And while I would be delusive if I didn’t say a well picked something wouldn’t make me smile a wicked smile of delight and melt at the thought of you, the most important gift is more time with you. I truly enjoy sharing an evening with someone who is just as fervent about life’s many treasures as I am. Shall we?


I am based is the Los Angeles area. However I frequently travel SF, KC, CHI, SD, ATL and can fly to you especially for dinner dates or longer engagements!

Discrimination based on race, religion, age, gender, orientation or political preference will never be a worry with me.

You may make initial contact via email. Please review my website to ensure I’m the one for you, then you are welcome to fill out my reservation form. I will promptly respond to any legitimate inquiries.

Deposit required for all encounters.

$700 /1.5 hr

$850/2 hrs

$1200/3 hrs

$1800/4 hrs (Dinner Date - Must include 2 hrs social time)

$2500/6 hrs

$3200/8 hrs

$5000/12 hrs

$8000/24 hrs

$12000/3 Day Getaway (Please contact me to discuss details)

$25000/1 Week (Must be booked & organized in advance)

Fly Me To You: All travel expenses, i.e. airfare, taxi, lyft or lodging if travel time requires, will be inclusive in addition to the total length of the encounter.

I am available to men, couples, bi-males and bi-females, trans-gender beauties and all who are clean, kind and respectful.

All donations are for my travel and time only.

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