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+Not For The Faint-hearted.

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In person, you will discover I am anything but typical.

If you’re reading this, congratulations! You’re more inquisitive than average and so am I.

It’s a great start for what’s to come between us.
In person, you will discover I am anything but typical. And I bet there’s something special about you; no matter how plain you believe you are.

If you’re attracted to mentally engaging, down to earth, and of course very attractive ladies, we will get along very well!
If all you’re looking for is something swift, stuffy, or even worse: boring, you’re better off navigating elsewhere.

Still here? Great. I find your intrepidity quite attractive.
Ready for us to connect in person?

I’m sure you’re bold at heart, so go ahead and make it happen. ;-)

The Look

Isabelle Graff is a 5'2", slender, 23 year old black woman with long auburn hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Men, Women, and Couples.


British humor, Philosophy by Marcus Aurelius, 90’s House music, Psychology, behavioral economics, fitness, nutrition, meditation.


Modeling Rates:
1 h- 600 in. / 800 out.
1.5 h- 800 in. / 1,000 out.
2 h- 1,200
3 h- 1,600
4-5 h- 2,000 (Minimum for national travel)
6-8 h- 3,000
14 h - 5,000 (Minimum International travel)
24 h - 6,000
Each additional day - 2,000

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